New Video Series In The Works: Professor Answers Kids’ Tough Faith Questions

Friday, December 4 2020 by Richard Hunt/Heidie Raine

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Dr. Kevin Jones hosts video
Cedarville University/Scott Huck
Dr. Kevin Jones hosts video

Dr. Kevin Jones, assistant professor of education and school dean at Cedarville University, is partnering with LifeWay’s ‘The Gospel Project’ to answer theological questions in video format for elementary-aged children.

Over the next three years, Jones will record a total of 108 video responses during three 36-video cycles. Students will submit questions, and LifeWay will select the ones Jones will answer. 

One example of a question Jones will be answering comes from Hunter in Park City, Utah: “If God made us, who made God?”

Jones’ responses will be integrated into The Gospel Project’s curriculum, which is heavily used in churches and Christian school settings and is available for purchase on LifeWay’s website. 

“My church, Buck Run Baptist, has used The Gospel Project’s materials consistently, and I’ve really liked that curriculum for years,” Jones shared. “That quality of content is so much of what made me excited to partner with them as a children’s pastor.”

Dr. Kevin Jones
[Photo Credit: Cedarville University] Dr. Kevin Jones

Jones first connected with LifeWay through the publication process of his 2017 book, “Removing the Stain of Racism from the SBC.”

“When my co-editor and I pitched our book to Lifeway’s publishers — Broadman and Holman — the editors decided to drive to Louisville and talk about the work,” Jones noted. “We hit it off, and that began a relationship that has now morphed into a working relationship and a friendship. Then Brian Dembowcyzk, one of the editors, indicated that Lifeway had this segment of their business in education, and we began projects on biblical learning that grew from there.”

Jones’ background and expertise in elementary education uniquely equips him to take on this project.

“Through my training, I’m able to understand what a 7-year-old will absorb, and having taught in public schools, I have memories of getting asked big questions like ‘how does the heart work?’ and having to explain those large concepts concisely at appropriate levels,” Jones said. 

One example of a question Jones will be answering comes from Hunter in Park City, Utah: “If God made us, who made God?”

Filming for the project will take place on Cedarville’s campus in the lower level of Centennial Library, where raw footage will be captured by the university’s creative services team. 

“LifeWay will handle all of the editing, so my job is simply to answer these questions,” Jones shared. “So as I’m answering these, I’m trying to picture myself talking to my own 7-year-old daughter, Karsynn, and trying to answer in a way that I’m hitting those levels of biblical learning correctly.”  

As production for the project begins, Jones is thankful for the opportunity to support LifeWay’s ministry and is grateful for the support he’s received. 

“The timing of the project took a bit of figuring out at the beginning, but ultimately, my mentor and my bride said it’s a good idea, and I agree,” Jones said. “I’m excited to get going.”

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