TWR Helps Ukrainian Refugees Keep Phones Working, Distributing Power Banks With Special QR Code

Sunday, June 12 2022 by Richard D. Hunt/John Lundy

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Power banks
TWR Trans World Radio

Last Monday, a thousand power banks arrived at the TWR office in Bratislava, Slovakia. Soon, they’ll be in the hands of Ukrainian refugees for whom they will be meaningful gifts.

If you’re not familiar with power banks, they are portable devices used to recharge cellphones and other gadgets when no electrical outlet is available. They must be charged themselves at some point, but depending on their capacity can recharge a cellphone as many as four times.

The power banks that are about to be distributed are in the middle range, said Frank Stephenson, communications director for TWR Europe, and are conveniently pocket-sized. TWR is providing them in partnership with Operation Mobilization (OM), whose U.S. offices are in Georgia. One side of the power bank features links and a QR code to connect people with TWR Ukraine. The other has similar information for OM. The two agencies are splitting the costs down the middle. 

It’s an exciting example of how two organizations that share an overarching mission of bringing Christ to the world but through different means can increase their impact with a combined project.

Imagine what it might mean to a refugee with limited access to electrical outlets to have the use of one of these devices. On top of that, the refugee is provided with information that could lead her to more help, materially and spiritually, in the name of Jesus.

“We mourn the ongoing disaster in our country,” TWR Ukraine Director Alex Chmut wrote in his May summary (translated into English). “Every day death takes the lives of dozens and possibly hundreds of Ukrainians. … It is so that such people have the opportunity to be reconciled to God that we fill all possible public platforms with the preaching of God's Word.”

We know that there is spiritual hunger in Ukraine. TWR makes the Bible available online in various languages through the Digital Bible Library. It can be accessed 5,000 times a day from our sites before a cap goes into effect. About a month ago, the Ukrainian language was added. David Creech, TWR360 operations manager, immediately noticed he was getting daily warnings that the cap was being reached.

He researched the cause and found that more than 3,000 people a day were accessing the Ukrainian Bible, Creech said. He has placed an emergency request to double the capacity.

The urgency of presenting the gospel at this time is reflected in the ongoing work of the TWR Ukraine team despite the difficulties they face. They were very active in May, communicating on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, online radio and on middle-wave (AM) radio frequencies.

Will you pray with us? 

Broadcasts, shown in the first three listings below, can be tuned in by listeners in Ukraine. Content is also available 24/7 via the special livestream linked below.

 Medium/Frequency UTC Length Language
Shortwave 15200 16:00 60 minutesUkrainian
Shortwave 1366017:0060 minutesRussian - starting May 30th
MW/AM 1377 kHz 18:4760 minutesUkrainian
MW/AM 1035 kHz 19:0060 minutesUkrainian/Russian
MW/AM 621 kHz17:3060 minutesRussian - starting May 30th
Ukrainian Online Livestream 24/724 hours dailyUkrainian
FTP server for access by media outlets 24/7variousUkrainian content available for local stations; contact Ted Siemens ( if interested
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