Firefighters are trained to handle all sorts of unusual situations, and this one qualified as very unusual. Lindsey, a Walmart worker, called the Morristown (Tennessee) Fire Department to ask for help – a kitten was trapped in a soft drink machine.

Upon arrival, the rescue team could hear the kitten meowing. So, they made sure the machine was unplugged, then took the back cover off. But no cat was visible. They tried another approach and could see fur, and were able to coax the kitty to them. 

As for the curious kitten, it has a new non-carbonated home… with Lindsey.

There have been many suggestions on social media for the kitty’s name, including one we like: “Mountain Mew.”              

City of Morristown/Facebook

Lindsey and rescued kitten
[Photo Credit: City of Morristown, Tenn.] Lindsey and rescued kitten