Parents, who have children with special needs, can often face an uphill challenge doing everyday things, like shopping for food.

Wegmans Food Markets listened to an idea, an appeal, offered by a mom in Buffalo, New York. 

Liza Rudroff has a daughter with a neurological movement disorder and had learned about specially-designed shopping carts being manufactured. Liza suggested Wegmans consider buying some for customers. 

They did – for all their 101 stores from Virginia to Massachusetts!  (Full podcast here)

in grocery store
[Photo Credit: Wegmans] 

The GoTo Shop is designed for children ages 2 – 8 (or up to 77 pounds) who require extra postural and head support. The cart features an open front allowing users to easily place their child in the seat, adjustable head and lateral supports, and a fully adjustable, cushioned five-point harness.

Linda Lovejoy, Community Relations Manager for Wegmans, shares one major advantage these carts provide for families with special needs. “[B]efore that, they’d either have to bring two people to shop, two family members – one to roll a wheelchair for a child and the other one to do the shopping, or they would have to leave the child home. And the whole point to having your kids with you is to have them explore and see everything that’s in the store, just like every other kid.” 

Listen to our podcast to learn how this encouraging story rolled out: 

See a video of the GoToShop cart in use