For 10 Years Hody Childress Secretly Paid Peoples’ Pharmacy Bills (+podcast)

Friday, December 1 2023 by Richard D. Hunt

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Hody Childress (center), daughter Tania (r), son Doug (l)
Hody Childress (center), daughter Tania (r), son Doug (l)

On a couple of occasions, Tania Nix helped her father, Hody, do what she thought was a small kindness project. He shared with her, “I’ve been carrying a hundred-dollar bill to the drug store at the first of the month and giving it to the pharmacist, Brooke there, and just telling her to use it how she felt it was needed.” Hody Childress knew that some families in Geraldine, Alabama, struggled to afford medicine and he wanted to bless them, but made it clear he also wanted to remain anonymous. He asked the pharmacist to just tell the person that was helped, “It was a blessing from the Lord.” 

Sadly, Hody passed away recently at age 80, and only then did the extent of his personal blessing project become known. Pharmacist Brooke explained she had been sworn to secrecy, but “she had felt like the door was open (now) and that she could share what had been going on.” What Tania learned about her father was pleasantly surprising. “I had no clue until I read Brooke’s story that this had been happening…for almost ten years!” Thousands and thousands of dollars given secretly to help others. 

“It was not for recognition,” shares Tania, “it was freely from his heart wanting to help people.” 

Tania recalls her dad once told her, “The bible says don’t let your right hand know what your left hand is doing.” [Matthew 6:3-4]

Because of that, Tania explains that she and her brother Doug “had a really hard time whether to allow this story out (to the public) or not, but I feel like a small deed can turn into a big deed – or it can turn into something that gives people hope, that it helps people that otherwise would have no help. So, I felt like that if it encouraged anyone to be a better person and want to help the world – and want to help other people – it is worth it! 

It has changed me. It has made me want to be more giving and more compassionate and to encourage people that there’s people out there that do love you and care about you.” 

Thinking about reasons for her father’s kindness, “The Lord was very real in his life. He was daily reading his bible and praying. And he really tried to live a life that the Lord would be pleased with. He was very kind and a very positive person.” 

“If there were more people in the world like him, you would be so happy to pass one another in the streets, because you could feel that he cared about you and that he was truly concerned about you.” 

In our complete podcast interview just below Tania shares more on this formerly secret story that’s now encouraging people nationwide.

Hody loved his family
[Photo Credit: Provided] Hody loved his family 
“If there were more people in the world like him, you would be so happy…”
[Photo Credit: Provided] “If there were more people in the world like him, you would be so happy…”


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