Former Nashville Teacher Helps Students In Need (+podcast)

Tuesday, March 12 2024 by Monika Kelly

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Two men holding school supplies
Daniel Craig, Bridge Builders
Daniel Craig and volunteer, Bridge Builders

(NASHVILLE, TN) Daniel Craig, a former special education teacher in Nashville wanted to make a difference for his students who didn't have money for school supplies, clothing or food.

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In 2016, Daniel and a colleague started a non-profit called Bridge Builders, a local non-profit committed to providing leadership, mentoring, academic support, and networking opportunities for children and families in the Nashville area. 

"We are helping teachers, students in the educational field...also helping the homeless. Anyone we can help, we try to get out there and help. I'm so honored to be able to help people in their time of need." Daniel shares.

In addition, Bridge Builders has been helping people with things like school supplies, food, hygiene items, and Christmas gifts.

Six adults holding up frozen turkeys at Walmart
[Photo Credit: Daniel Craig, Bridge Builders] Daniel Craig (green hat) with other volunteers from Bridge Builders

How did Bridge Builders get started?

"Myself and another co-founder, Quinton Robison, when I was teaching at Metro school, he was subbing at the time...we noticed a need in Cora Howe, a special needs school...we noticed the kids didn't have the school supplies they needed, they didn't have food, and some kids didn't even have clothes to come to school..."

Daniel and Quinton created a way to help.

They designated a closet in Daniel's classroom and filled it with hygiene kits, clothes, school supplies, and food. With the help of guidance counselors, students could come in and discreetly get what they needed. 

Eventually, Daniel reached out to other nearby schools to see if they could use the same kind of help. Indeed, help was desperately needed and Bridge Builders reached out into the community.

Today, Daniel, director of Bridge Builders Program, Inc. partners with groups like the Rescue Mission, RMDH, and Metro Nashville Public Schools to provide the needs of the less-fortunate in the Nashville community. 

Recently, Daniel was selected by an organization called Points of Light to be one of three people selected to represent their non-profit organizations in London. Daniel was proud to represent Bridge Builders as co-founder and CEO. He participated in volunteer projects, met First Lady Jill Biden and was in the audience during the coronation of King Charles III. 

Jill Biden with white dress and Daniel Craig in blue coat and black shirt in London
[Photo Credit: Daniel Craig, Bridge Builders] Daniel Craig, founder Bridge Builders with First Lady Jill Biden

Daniel Craig remains committed to the Nashville community.

“I am very thankful to be able to help people.” 


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