Leading Pickleball Player Shares Faith With Competitors (+podcast)

Wednesday, August 24 2022 by Billie Branham

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Stacy Lynn Harp and a pickleball
Stacy Lynn Harp

(By Billie Branham) Pickleball is sort of like tennis. A smaller court, a different type of ball used. It's also gaining steam as a sport across the country. Stacy Lynn Harp is a leading player in the sport and is organically sharing her faith with other players.

“I don’t actually go to pickleball to evangelize. But I think when people are authentic and real, I think He reveals Himself to people. And people come to Him through that.”

She admits she judged other players without knowing their stories. But that changed one day when she reached out to a competitor. She says, "You know my background is as a therapist. Just curious, what is one of the worst things you've ever gone through in your life?" The answer stunned her. 

Stacy Lynn Harp and other pickleball players
[Photo Credit: Stacy Lynn Harp] 

She wrote that story down. Then kept writing other stories from those she talks with. Eventually, Stacy wrote a book, Pickleball Faith. 

Stacy Lynn Harp and her book Pickleball Faith
[Photo Credit: Stacy Lynn Harp] 

Stacy gets a lot of feedback. And has learned valuable lessons throughout the years. She hopes others in the pickleball community apply those lessons to their own lives.

Hear the story Stacy was told in our podcast:

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