Meet Woody Faircloth: Bringing Donated RVs To Disaster Survivors, Now In Maui (+podcast)

Tuesday, September 19 2023 by Monika Kelly

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Adult man and his daughter looking up while close to an RV.
Woody Faircloth
Woody and his daughter Luna in one of the donated RVs that will be turned into shelter for someone who is displaced.

(Denver, CO)  When Woody Faircloth and his then 6-year-old daughter Luna saw the devastation of the Paradise Fire in California, they knew they had to do something. Woody came up with the idea of donating an RV to someone in need. 

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Woody started a non-profit called Emergency RV and in the past five years, they’ve been able to donate more than 130 recreational vehicles to people in need.

Woody, daughter Luna and firefighter
[Photo Credit: Woody Faircloth] Woody, Luna and a firefighter next to a firetruck

“We’ve delivered those now in fires in the Pacific Northwest, we helped with the big tornadoes that happened in Kentucky a couple Christmases ago, a Native America tribe who lost about 60 homes in southern Louisiana after Hurricane Ida so we’ve kind of expanded and have been all over the country now," Woody says.

Woody jumped into action after the fires in Hawaii.

“The last five that we’ve sent, we put on a ship to Maui to some of the 18 firefighters who lost their homes and there’s just no shelter and it’s a really tight market, so we were able to get free shipping.”  

Elderly couple and dog with Luna and Woody in front of an RV
[Photo Credit: Woody Faircloth] Woody, Luna and couple with their dog in front of a donated RV

How has providing shelter affected Woody?

“It’s changed me fundamentally. Things that used to bother know getting a flat tire on my car or just things that happen in life…it doesn’t bother me anymore. I mean, my problems are really not problems.”  


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