Multitasking To The Max! Thaddeus Juggles, Solves Rubik’s Cube… All While Riding A Unicycle (+podcast)

Friday, January 6 2023 by Richard D. Hunt

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Thaddeus Krueger
Thaddeus Krueger

Thaddeus Krueger is a senior mechanical engineering major at Ohio’s Cedarville University. And he’s a bit of a showman, winning two school talent shows by completing a Rubik’s Cube while juggling. No simple feat. 

Thaddeus has also solved the Rubik’s Cube, while juggling…and riding a unicycle.

“For me, it was a fun challenge that I just wanted to see if could do,” explains Thaddeus. His best time on the unicycle was 2 minutes, 30 seconds. He remembers and tracks data like this. 

How did Thaddeus strategize and practice to make this happen? “I had to get to the point where juggling was almost second nature” and then he could focus on something else in addition, such as a Rubik’s Cube. Then, of course, the unicycle.

The obvious question is, does he intend to add a 4th element to his combined skills? “Yes, there’s other things that I’ve thought about adding. Probably the next thing that would be really cool – and probably not that much more difficult – would be to add-in flaming torches instead of juggling balls, cause I think that would just look awesome and be really cool to do,” he smiles.

But there’s something deeper to what’s going on.

“The fun is a lot of it, but I also do like to challenge myself and learn new things because that mentality stays with me for a lot of the other things that I’m doing.” So, whether it’s academics, sports, or some other activity, Thaddeus is constantly trying to “master some new skill.”

It’s not all about him

In addition, “I like to inspire people and show people what is possible to do with what God has given us … everybody has been given a brain and a body – and both of those are two incredibly well-engineered and well-designed things that can do a lot of amazing skills.” You get a glimpse of ‘the engineer’ in Thaddeus as he says that.

Thaddeus makes it clear that, even though some marvel at what he’s been able to accomplish, he is not some kind of “super genius.” He credits his parents and the way he was brought up with guiding him toward his mindset and various abilities. 

The sky's the limit

As a young man with self-motivation, a ton of confidence, faith in God, and wanting to help others, we can share with you that Thaddeus has a definite plan for his life once he graduates. “I will, Lord willing, become an officer in the Air Force. I’m currently in Air Force ROTC, so that plan is to commission as soon as I graduate and do whatever career I get assigned or apply for.” 

To say we see Thaddeus as impressive would be an understatement.

Hear, in his own words, about challenging himself, constantly raising the bar. It’s in our complete interview podcast right here:

Thaddeus at Cedarville University talent contest
[Photo Credit: Thaddeus Krueger] Thaddeus at Cedarville University talent show


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