Teachers, Students Get Gift Of Necessary School Supplies From Ohio Man’s Nonprofit (+podcast)

Thursday, January 12 2023 by Billie Wright

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Teacher shopping for needed supplies at Crayons to Classrooms warehouse
The Ohlmann Group

(By Billie Wright) - Steve Rubenstein saw the resource gap and started the non-profit Crayons to Classrooms. He invites teachers to browse for supplies at his warehouse in Dayton, Ohio…at no cost to them.  

Steve Rubenstein with Crayons to Classrooms
[Photo Credit: The Ohlmann Group] 

“We focus on schools where a minimum of 60% of the school enrollment needs either a free or reduced-price lunch.” 

Rubenstein partners with local organizations to provide the necessary school supplies. 

Rubenstein's heart is to ease the burdens teachers often take home from school. He says, “Just think about being in that situation yourself. And you’ve got 20 students in your classroom that don’t have the things that they need and they’re looking to you to solve it.” 

Teacher in a classroom with children
[Photo Credit: The Ohlmann Group] 

Teachers are invited to come browse for items they need for their classrooms, along with essential resources for their students. Rubenstein shares, “There’s just so many students that don’t have the things that they need to learn.” 

Women looking at supplies
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Rubenstein sees the great need all over the country for free educational services like the ones offered through Crayons to Classrooms. Crayons to Classrooms has a new need. Hear more about it:

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