It began as a pretty normal day at Rome High School in Georgia. Math Teacher Luis Goya was on parking lot duty when he heard a loud crash from a nearby intersection. Goya called 9-1-1 immediately and ran over to the scene. One car was leaking fluids and smoking. And the driver was trapped, her door was jammed. “You could tell that she was in panic,” explains Goya. 

Then, a marvelous thing happened. In another car, members of the high school football team, the Wolves, saw the wreck and jumped out of their car determined to free the driver. As the burly football players pulled hard on the door, “the car was shaking from left to right.” Finally, with pure gridiron strength, they forced the door open and the students gently removed the woman from the smoldering vehicle. 

“The boys came like angels, and saved her,” said teacher Goya, proud of the young men who took a risk to save a complete stranger. “Nobody asked them to do anything. Literally, I saw everything in slow-motion…I saw the boys coming out of the car like a rescue team.” 

We were given the opportunity to talk with some of the rescuers. Here are snippets of their heartfelt thoughts about that amazing morning:

Treyvon Adams: “I knew we had to get her out, you know. Kind of put myself last, put her first, wanted to get her out of the car as fast as possible, and you know, get away from the danger of the car and smoke and hot fluids.”

Alto Moore: “And the glass was breaking…I don’t know, we just tapped into a different type strength and just found a way to get it open.”

Tyson Brown: “I feel like my family and my coaches, they raised me to be the type to help out for like anybody. So, I just felt the need to hop out of the car to help them … Nobody else got out to help her, so we took it in our hands to get out and help. And, I ain’t a big fan of blood, but the lady looked like she needed help…a lot!”

Antwion Carey: “Because it was the right thing to do. We really wasn’t thinking about ourselves at the time… seeing how bad it was and seeing that she needed help.”  

Teacher Goya wanted to share their story of caring and bravery. “I’m super, super proud of them and they’re great great students, great athletes and this just shows what kind of kids we have, because we constantly get bombarded with negative stories about today’s kids – and seeing the students doing that (the rescue) sets an example for all upcoming generations.”

By the way, the driver was treated for cuts and bruises, and is expected to recover.

In our complete podcast interview just below you’ll hear from Luis Goya and students Treyvon, Alto, Tyson, and Antwion as they share their teamwork rescue experience, a dramatic event they’ll remember all their lives.

The crash - and brave students determined to free the driver
[Photo Credit: Rome (Ga.) City Schools] The crash - and brave students determined to free the driver