Posted on Thursday, Jun 16, 2022 by Danny Gokey

5-Day Danny Gokey Devotional

Don’t Miss Out

Day One || Don’t Miss Out

There are many instances in scriptures where Jesus said things that were hard to understand, and maybe even seemed a bit harsh.

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The Good Fight

Day Two || The Good Fight

Did you know that you’re in a fight right now with the enemy of your soul, and he is after one thing—your faith!

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Day Three || Don’t Let the Enemy Use You

Today there are many Christians being used by the devil. Yes, you read that correctly! 

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Walk Away From Sin

Day Four || Walk Away From Sin

Have you ever asked yourself what’s so bad about sin? More and more, I’ve noticed not only the world, but also those within the church justifying sinful behaviors. 

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The Secret of a Fruit-filled Life

Day Five || The Secret of a Fruit-Filled Life

Do you feel like you are striving in your efforts to live out this Christian life, struggling to make it through?

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