Sing, Dance, and Praise! 21 Questions with the Cast of Netflix's "A Week Away"

Posted on Tuesday, March 30, 2021 by K-LOVE Staff

21 Questions with the cast of "A Week Away"

Netflix recently released its first faith-based film, the summer camp musical "A Week Away." The film is a fish-out-of-water story, following troubled teen Will, who is forced to head to a Christian summer camp in order to avoid juvenile detention. After getting caught stealing a police cruiser, he’ll do anything for one final opportunity to clean up his act. went behind the scenes for 21 Questions with the cast of "A Week Away" to discuss their favorite moments in the film and on set, from learning and rehearsing the music and choreography to reliving church camp memories. Who was the goofiest on set?

Kevin Quinn: I will say that we've had discussions about it as a cast, and I will have to admit that I definitely had a lot of goofy energy. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I'd have to leave that up to you guys. That's what I have to say about that. What was it like learning all of that choreography?

Bailee Madison: Learning all of the choreography was a big event, but thankfully I had some new friends and we leaned on each other. Four weeks of dance rehearsals and I think it all paid off. Did you guys really stay in cabins while filming?

Jahbril Cook: We did not stay in cabins while filming. We had the full summer camp experience but made all the better because at the end of the day, we could go back to a hotel and not have to share a bunk with any bugs. Who sings the most when the cameras aren't rolling?

Kat Conner Sterling: Oh, that's tough. It might be a tie between Kevin and Jahbril, because they would always go play on the piano and sing tons of different songs that weren't even from "A Week Away". Very nice serenading us.

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Kevin Quinn: I'd have to give it to Bailee Madison. Bailee killed the choreography. It made working with her a lot easier. So thank you for working hard, Bailee. What was it like to record all of the music for the film?

Bailee Madison: It was really exciting to record all of the music for "A Week Away." We had an amazing music team made up of Adam Watts and Corby, and obviously our producer, Alan Powell. So we were guided every step of the way and to get to reimagine some of these classic songs from Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, for KING & COUNTRY, and Steven Curtis Chapman. It was a dream come true for all of us.

Kevin Quinn: Recording the music for the film was a very fun process. I think it gave us all an opportunity to explore our sound. Obviously these are not our songs and we are redoing them and re-imagining them. Getting a chance to be in the vocal booth and giving it our all was awesome. I don't know. I'm just spitballing. Do you know what year “Place In This World” was originally released?

Jahbril Cook: “Place In This World” was originally released? I'm guessing it was in 1991. That's when “Baby Baby” came out. For sure. Final answer 1990. Did you ever go to summer camp growing up?

Kat Conner Sterling: I did. I went to church camp growing up from probably age nine or 10, to 13 or 14. I guess it was a lot "A Week Away" in that camp aspect. So, it was fun reliving some childhood memories. What was your favorite summer memory from when you were a kid?

Kevin Quinn: When I was a kid, there's one particular memory that stands out to me most. I grew up near Chicago and I would frequent Wisconsin a lot because my parents had a cottage there. There were neighbors on each side of our house, and we would come together for the 4th of July and play capture the flag. It was the best capture the flag that I've ever played. I want to do it again. What were your go-to snacks on set?

Bailee Madison: I can do this one. Go to snacks on set. We had a good craft service. I'm not going to lie. They had these fruit gummies that were a big hit on set and gummy bears. We loved those. I'd be lying if I didn't say that hydration was key. We may have had some popsicles passed around because on the hot summer days. That was a real treat.

A Week Away Who is the funniest cast member?

Jahbril Cook: I think the actual funniest cast member goes to none of these people. David Koechner and Sherri Shepherd are tie. They were only around for a week, maybe a week and a half. Every time they opened their mouth, we were all dying. They're geniuses of comedy. What was it like filming the blob scene?

Kevin Quinn: Filming the blob scene was a lot of fun. It's not as easy as you'd think. You have to nail it at a certain spot in order to send the other person catapulting. Believe it or not, we did have a stunt double do it a few times. He did it a lot better than I did. I maybe did it once. Once is enough for me. That paintball battle scene got pretty epic. Had you ever played paintball before?

Bailee Madison: I had never played paintball up until this movie. The saddest part is we didn't actually have the pellets in there. So we were just playing make-believe with the paintball scene. However, I would like to say, I thought my Mr. and Mrs. Smith impersonation was pretty great. I'm not going to lie. What was one of your favorite memories from being on set?

Kat Conner Sterling: Oh, that's hard. I have a lot of good memories. I think honestly probably the overnight shoots. I think we had three or four of them. That's just fun because everyone's delirious and everything is funny. It was a lot of fun with these guys just goofing off. It's like a sleepover except you don't sleep. What did you think of filming in Nashville?

Bailee Madison: Oh, I loved filming "A Week Away" in Nashville. I had been wanting to visit Nashville for so long. The fact that we were able to film this movie there was so exciting. I fell in love. I did some tourist things. I may want to move there one day. I definitely looked at houses online just for fun. Maybe one day Nashville, Bailee will return.

Kevin Quinn: So filming in Nashville was different. I hadn't filmed anything in Nashville at that point, but I've since visited many times. I've gotten a chance to frequent Nashville since then. I always see these signs on the walls, and it says, "I believe in Nashville." I don't know if it's just wall art, but I do believe in Nashville, so that's pretty accurate. I think it's a growing city. The people are lovely. I find that I never get bored and there's a lot of new stuff popping up. Last time I was there I found this pinball arcade and there's 60 pinball machines lined up. It was the coolest thing ever. I was like, "I don't even think LA has something like this." I really enjoy that city.

Jahbril Cook: Filming in Nashville was great. I definitely got to explore a lot of the city. Great little pockets of culture and so much music and the food. Oh, the food. I miss the food every day. Martin's Barbecue. Come to LA. Please, please.

Kat Conner Sterling: Filming in Nashville is incredible. I'm probably going to have to agree with Jahbril. The food is so good. There are so many things to do there. The people are amazing. Really great all around, just a really fun city. How does it feel to be re-imagining songs that were popular over 20 years ago?

Bailee Madison: It's a huge honor to be re-imagining these songs that were massive 20 years ago. I actually remember growing up listening to some of these songs with my family and calling my older brother Connor and being like "I'm getting to rerecord Place in This World." I think he definitely got teary-eyed. It was a huge honor and something that none of us took lightly. We felt very, very humbled to do it. It feels really cool to be handed over the reins by these artists to say, "Hey, go introduce this music and this message to a new generation." So we're very excited to be able to do that.

A Week Away What message do you hope people receive from "A Week Away?"

Jahbril Cook: I hope that audiences can take away from our movie "A Week Away" that it's okay to be yourself. Always. Even if you feel very alone or maybe that you have interests that other people wouldn't gel with. Your tribe is out there, and you will be accepted for who you are and you don't have to change to be worthy of love. What message did you personally take away from filming "A Week Away?"

Kevin Quinn: The main message I'd take away from "A Week Away" is that it's a movie for everyone, all walks of life. It doesn't matter who you are or where you come from. The faith aspect is one of my favorite parts. Simple. To the point. Less is more. What was it like working with the director Roman White?

Kat Conner Sterling: Roman White is incredible. He made this experience so much fun. It could have been stressful with everything that goes on in a movie musical, but the way he would like take the time to joke around with each of us and make us all feel special. I had an incredible experience because of him.

Kevin Quinn: Roman White is such a talented director, and I don't think this movie would have been what it was without him.

Bailee Madison: It was a blast to work with Roman. Especially when you're doing a musical. You don't take that lightly. It's no easy task but in the hands of someone who is already so well-respected in the music industry, he brought these scenes to life in the most authentic and beautiful way when it came to these musical numbers. We had a joy. Plus, he had us over one night for chicken wings and we got to see scenes from the movie. He can chill too and that's really cool.

Jahbril Cook: Working with Roman was such a treat. He was so high energy and always kept us at our best at all times. He really knew how to draw out our best work. He's such a pro. All of the musical numbers, in particular, look so incredible thanks to Roman. What is your favorite song on the "A Week Away" soundtrack?

Jahbril Cook: My favorite song on the "A Week Away" soundtrack. I'm biased. “Baby Baby” is my favorite song. Even if I wasn't the one who sang it. I think I still would've loved it because of the heavy eighties influenced. The nod to Prince. The eighties glam aesthetic of it all was so nice. I was so lucky to be able to perform that song. So, yeah, “Baby Baby”. Easy.

Kat Conner Sterling: It's hard because the whole soundtrack is a bop. The one that's stuck in my head right now and I love is: “Let's Go Make A Memory,” because it's so catchy.

Bailee Madison: My favorite song off of the "A Week Away" soundtrack. This is a tricky one. It is, it's really hard. It's a tie between the “Awesome God”, and “God Only Knows” mashed up that we get to do. That was pretty special for all of us. “But Place In This World” is a fan favorite. It's constantly on repeat.

Kevin Quinn: My favorite song off the soundtrack. I just got to go with the melodies alone. “Best Thing Ever” is so hooky, but the great thing about “Best Thing Ever” is not only do we have the stage version, but we have the reprise. Getting all of our voices together and combining it with the movement that's in the film. It's just my favorite song by far. What are you most excited about for "A Week Away?"

Bailee Madison: I think this film is such a passion project for all of us. So much of our heart and our souls have been poured into this movie. I think especially right now in a time where we all need a bit more hope, a bit more faith, and a whole lot of love and encouragement. I'm excited for families to get to sit down and have a movie that they can watch together and hopefully smile, dance, sing along with us, and feel that joy that's so needed.

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