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Smells Like Bacon: The Skit Guys Guide to Lifelong Friendships

The guys who together form the popular comedy duo The Skit Guys, take their distinct brand of humor and apply it to a guide on how to make and keep friends and why it matters for a life of faith and laughs.

Tommy Woodard and Eddie James, the men who form the widely popular comedy duo The Skit Guys, have been best friends since high school. With encouragement and guidance from their youth pastor, the guys started to write and perform skits for their youth group. Since their high-school days, they've been writing and performing hilarious and poignant skits live around the world and on camera, as well as on their site, SkitGuys.com. Everywhere they go, the question people always ask them is, "How did you guys get to be and figure out how to stay friends?"

Now, this offbeat duo is coming together to present Smells Like Bacon: The Skit Guys Guide to Lifelong Friendships, a book about the power of friendships and how to build the kind of friendships that last. Written in the signature hilarity of a Skit Guys dialogue--with well-placed banter or two sprinkled in for good measure--Smells Like Bacon explores:

  • Who needs friends?
  • Let's-Dig-in-the-Dirt Friends
  • Awkward things not to say to potential friends
  • Crying at the movie Beaches
  • How to be a good friend
  • What to look for in friends--and what to avoid
  • How to handle difficult situations in friendship
  • Why God makes a great friend

Tommy and Eddie have traveled the world performing for families at events, churches, and conferences. Their SkitGuys.com website has grown into a treasured media resource for families, pastors and churches. Their numerous short films, skits, and scripts are used to reach families all over the world. When The Skit Guys aren't performing or shooting new short films, both Tommy and Eddie serve in their local churches, enjoy good food (especially pizza and fries!), and love life with their families.

About the authors

Tommy Woodard's illustrious career began around 1975 on the front porch of his home where his older (and bossier) sister Debbie would direct him in homemade plays. They would invite their parents, neighbors, and strangers walking by to sit on the lawn and enjoy their masterful works of art. He went on to perform in high school plays, where his favorite thing was pretending to be different characters with his best buddy Eddie. (Who knew 30 years later they would be doing that and reaching millions through stage and screen?) In addition to being one half of The Skit Guys, Tommy has co-authored over a dozen publications with Eddie James, including their latest book about friendship, “Smells Like Bacon.” He also serves as a pastor at Newchurch in Oklahoma City. Tommy lives in Edmond, Oklahoma with his wife and kids.

For over thirty years, Eddie James has performed comedy skits and improv on thousands of stages all over the world, acted in hundreds of short films and skits viewed by countless millions, and yet he is still brought to tears almost every day when he gets letters and emails from fans far and wide describing the personal impact The Skit Guys’ skits and short films have had on others' lives. In addition to being one half of The Skit Guys, Eddie has co-authored over a dozen publications with Tommy Woodard, including their latest book about friendship, “Smells Like Bacon.” Eddie lives with his wife and two daughters in Sachse, Texas, and is a creative consultant and online pastor at his church.

Rene Gutteridge has been writing professionally for twenty years, with published and produced work in fiction, comedy sketches, novelizations, non-fiction and screenwriting, and is co-director of WriterCon in Oklahoma City. Her novel My Life as a Doormat was adapted into the Hallmark movie Love's Complicated. She is head writer at Skit Guys Studios. When she's not writing, she's writing, or writing about writing or teaching writing. She lives with her family in Oklahoma City. Read more about Rene’s work with The Skit Guys and her other projects at renegutteridge.com

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