How Gratitude Affects your Health, Friendships, and Faith

Posted on Sunday, January 15, 2023 by K-LOVE Pastors

How Gratitude Affects Your Health, Friendships, and Faith

Gratitude starts with our minds and hearts.

Stepping forward with a humble heart and acknowledging all the things God has given us takes renewed minds and open hearts. We've all had seasons where we're always on the go and seem to never catch a break. However, setting even five minutes aside every day to give thanks to the Lord and live from a posture of gratitude can work wonders. 

Not only can gratitude change your perspective and mood, but it also can improve your health! 

Gratitude Doesn't Only Affect Your Attitude

  • Gratitude improves health (Mayo Clinic Article): The Lord hardwired us to be thankful and joyful. We can see that when our minds are happy, so is our body!
  • Gratitude increases connection with others and closer friendships: When we focus on being grateful and thankful, our actions will reflect our thoughts and will begin to pour out onto the people around us. Our relationships will flourish through thoughtful acts of kindness and being thankful for one another.
  • Gratitude grows your faith: Undoubtedly when we give praise and thanks to the Lord, we will grow closer to Him. The more we dwell in His presence of peace and joy by sitting at His feet and reading His word, gratitude will begin to be imprinted on our hearts!

Jesus loves us so much that He died and paid the price for us to live in freedom. A life of freedom is full of joy, peace, and praise. When we look at the world around us, we can see the places that are holding us back from fully living in a place of gratitude and joy. Our minds are so powerful! A grateful mindset and an open heart may be one of the solutions to stepping into a life that is full of freedom.  

Ready for transformation? Sometimes it can be hard to alter habits that we have adopted for years, but with some practical tips, small changes can make a big impact! 

5 Quick Tips to Increase your Gratitude Level:  Meditate on the Gospel – Jesus loves you so much he died for you before you were even born. Keep a Gratitude Journal. Write down five things you’re grateful for every day. Every day let at least one person know why you appreciate them. Meditate on Thanksgiving verses. Learn Prayers of Gratitude. K-LOVE

The power rests in your hands, now you can take steps to increase your gratitude level and step into the journey of freedom! When you do, you will reap mental, spiritual, and physical benefits. Let's rally together to live grateful lives full of joy! 

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What tip are you going to start implementing into your daily routine to have a renewed and a grateful mindset? 

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