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Posted on Saturday, January 18, 2020 by K-LOVE Pastors

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“Some people make cutting remarks, but the words of the wise bring healing.” Proverbs 12:18 (NLT)

Growing up in the Midwest, I vividly remember one particular brisk afternoon in the middle of winter. Surrounded by our neighborhood friends, my older sister and I began to argue about whether or not a person’s tongue would stick to the backyard chain-link fence in below-freezing temperatures.

I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I succumbed to the infamous “triple-dog-dare.” Hesitantly, I stuck my tongue out and touched it to the chain-link fence. Sure enough, it got stuck. It wasn’t one of my finer moments.

Everyone ran off laughing hysterically, everyone except me. There I was, abandoned, utterly terrified, my tongue stuck to the fence. So, I did the only thing I knew to do. With force, I pulled back to break free. What followed was outrageous pain, but not just to my tongue. My ego took a hit as well.

While I’ll venture to guess few of us have found ourselves in this predicament, we all know what it’s like to have our tongues get us in trouble. When we suffer pain from those who speak bitter or cruel words, we learn the truth of today’s verse. We also learn the truth of this Scripture when we wound others with words.

When used appropriately, our words have the power to heal, encourage and teach. On the flip side, words can also hurt, confuse and embarrass. Our words carry a tremendous amount of impact, for better or worse. 

Take our workplaces, for example. Words are tossed around at offices like confetti. Unfortunately, many of us are exposed to negative patterns of speech daily, from the demeaning words of an angry boss to the crude language of boisterous co-workers. For some, hardly a week goes by without hearing sarcastic conversations or hurtful words from those around us.

It’s in these moments that it’s important to remember all words—the ones we speak, and the ones spoken to us—carry impact. It matters how we speak to one another, especially at work. Every word we speak gives us an opportunity to reflect Christ. And we don’t even have to be talking about Jesus to do it! Yet, our words can still reflect honesty, integrity and goodness. Our words are a great witness at work.


  1. What challenges are you facing at work right now? Ask the Lord to help you choose the right words to respond to each situation.
  2. Make a conscious effort this week to speak words that build your co-workers up instead of tearing them down.

7 Reflection Questions to help keep your heart and words pure

Toxic talk comes from the overflow of a toxic heart (Reference: Matthew 12:35)

  1. Am I being Negative about any aspects of my job
  2. Am I Complaining?
  3. Am I engaging in side-talk that takes me off-task?
  4. Am I Distracting others from productivity?
  5. Am I Engaging in gossip or slander?
  6. Are my words flowing from a place of pride or arrogance?
  7. Am I being critical of leadership?


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