Posted on Monday, Apr 04, 2022 by K-LOVE Pastors

Station 10: Jesus is nailed to the Cross

There they nailed him to the cross. Two others were crucified with him, one on either side, with Jesus between them. - John 19:18 (NLT) 

This is one of the most significant events in history; the moment when Jesus was nailed to a wooden cross. This piece of wood came from a tree, created by the one who was nailed to it. Jesus was nailed to this tree because of human disobedience and here, in this moment, God, in a human body he created, has taken our punishment. 

Imagine a room full of hundreds of people, and the weight of every bad thing they had done to them. Now imagine every human who ever lived, and every sin ever committed, nailed to this one man in this one moment. Every single bad thought, every single evil, horrible action paid for, in this one drive of a nail.  

This is the moment we look back to, which gives us a clear conscience. It’s because of this nail we are declared NOT GUILTY! When Christ was nailed to this cross, so was our sin. This is where the old you died, and the reason your sin will never be counted against you!  

Pause and Reflect  

  1. When you struggle with the idea that God might be mad at you, recall the moment Jesus was nailed to the cross. This proof of his love is the reason you are at peace with him. Jesus bore God’s anger for us!
  2. When our trust is in Christs work at this cross, we can be confident we will not be judged guilty or ever be condemned by God!

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