Evvie McKinney


Artist Info

Evvie is the youngest in the family, she is the 7th of all the 7 children gifted to the McKinney’s family, meanwhile, more information regarding her siblings is yet unknown to the media.

 Evvie has been trying her luck in different ways in different auditions to get Into a musical competition, she auditioned from The X Factor to the American Idol to The Voice, and several music competitions but always got a no.

In August 2017, Evvie got a call from a family friend during a tour with Boo Mitchell and Frayser Boy, she was told to try out her luck on the new American reality television music talent show “The Four: Battle For Stardom”, although, Evvie was a bit reluctant to try out her luck as she has faced a lot of disappointment through a lot of auditions, she later decided to give it a try. She was thereafter connected to an executive producer known as Nicole Marion but never heard for her for a while.

McKinney returned to her part in the Frayser Boy tour for some days and went on a break. Later after the break, she received a phone call from her manager saying they couldn’t afford to bring her back on the tour which was so heartbreaking. Evvie stood strong for days until she was called that she has received a plane ticket to Hollywood to audition in person.

Evvie bounced into the fifth episode of the competition with a superb performance of Rise Up by Andra Day, her performance shocked the judges including Sean Diddy Combs, DJ Khaled, and Meghan Trainor, this led her a chance to challenge one of the four contestants on the seats, Evvie challenged Kendyle, won the challenge and claimed her seat among the four. Evvie defended her sit for weeks and made it to the final where she battled with Zhavia and won. She finally battled with Candice Boyd and successfully won The Four: Battle For Stardom season 1. Evvie McKinney was signed into the Republic Records in February 2018.

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