2024 K-LOVE Fan Awards: Book of the Year Nominees

Posted on Tuesday, May 14, 2024 by Lindsay Williams

K-LOVE Fan Awards: Book of the Year

Loss, emotions, discipleship and distractions are just some of the topics covered across this year’s crop of Book Impact nominees. The 2024 ballot boasts memoirs, devotionals, essays and thoughtful non-fiction that point us to Jesus one chapter at a time. Musicians Zach Williams and Granger Smith unveil life stories. Authors and teachers John Mark Comer, Dr. Darren Whitehead and Jennie Allen offer tools for practical application. Respected names like John Bevere and Jackie Hill Perry serve up fresh devotional resources, and “TODAY” journalist Savannah Guthrie delivers a series of personal essays that will both convict and inspire. Once again, fans get to select the title that wins the trophy for Book Impact.

Hosted by Brandon Lake and Sadie Robertson Huff, the 11th annual K-LOVE Fan Awards will air exclusively on TBN Friday, May 31, 2024, at 7 p.m. CT / 8 p.m. ET.

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“Like A River,” Granger Smith

Granger Smith "Like A River"

Country music singer Granger Smith never intended to become a pastor or an author, but God had other plans. After his three-year-old son tragically drowned, Smith didn’t know how he would ever survive the loss. In one of his darkest moments of grief, alone on his tour bus, the husband and father had a life-changing encounter with Christ that gave him the strength to move forward. Since then, he’s embarked on a farewell tour and committed his future to full-time ministry. He details his entire journey in his first book, “Like A River.”

“Mostly What God Does,” Savannah Guthrie

Mostly What God Does Savannah Guthrie

“Mostly what God does is love us.” That’s the overarching message of Savannah Guthrie’s latest book, “Mostly What God Does.” Guthrie greets America each morning as a news anchor on NBC’s “TODAY” show, but in “Mostly What God Does,” the seasoned journalist gives fans of her reporting a glimpse into her committed faith. Through a series of personal essays, the wife and mother of two invites readers to take a chance on God and encourages them to put their trust in Someone bigger than themselves.

“Practicing the Way,” John Mark Comer

Practicing the Way John Mark Comer

From the bestselling author of “The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry” — John Mark Comer — comes “Practicing the Way.” Billed as a modern-day guide to following Jesus, Comer’s latest title looks to the example of the disciples and how they responded to and interacted with Jesus as a model for how we should engage with our Heavenly Father. Fellow K-LOVE Fan Awards nominee Jennie Allen calls “Practicing the Way” “one of the most important books I have read in a decade.” A respected pastor and teacher, Comer fleshes out many of the principles he explores in his book in the accompanying “Practicing the Way Podcast.”

“Rescue Story,” Zach Williams

Zach Williams Rescue Story

Zach Williams dives into the deep end of his personal narrative in “Rescue Story,” the three-time K-LOVE Fan Award winner’s first book. Titled after his hit single and sophomore album of the same name, “Rescue Story” details Williams’ early athletic aspirations and how an injury led to an unexpected career path in music. The memoir also recalls the “Lookin’ for You” singer’s former struggle with alcohol and drugs and how a Big Daddy Weave song helped him completely turn his life around. Williams is set to release his first children’s book, “A Little More Like Jesus,” Aug. 20, 2024.

“The Awe of God,” John Bevere

The Awe of God John Nevere

Veteran author John Bevere explains why a fear of God is actually necessary and healthy in his new book, “The Awe of God.” Delivered in a devotional format, “The Awe of God” helps readers develop a “holy fear” of their Creator that’s meant to build a foundation of wisdom, understanding, maturity, confidence and freedom. A well-known pastor, teacher, writer and podcast host, Bevere is married to author and speaker Lisa Bevere. Together, the couple co-founded global discipleship organization Messenger International. They currently reside in Franklin, Tenn. 

“The Digital Fast,” Dr. Darren Whitehead

The Digital Fast Dr. Darren Whitehead

Church of the City pastor Dr. Darren Whitehead invites readers to unplug in his new book, “The Digital Fast.” After walking his own congregation, based in Franklin, Tenn., through a fast from social media, constant notifications and mindless scrolling, Whitehead collected his thoughts into a concise book that takes readers through 40 days of limiting and/or eliminating digital distractions in order to live a life of focus, discipline and purpose. Of the book, fellow K-LOVE Fan Awards nominee John Mark Comer shares, “If every church did ‘The Digital Fast’…it would radically alter the current trajectory of the Church…”

“Untangle Your Emotions” Jennie Allen

Jennie Allen "Untangle Your Emotions"

IF:Gathering founder Jennie Allen gives readers permission to feel their feelings in her new book, “Untangle Your Emotions.” Allen admits she often gets stuck in her head. She confesses her tendency to push her feelings aside, choosing to ignore them rather than explore them. However, the popular Bible teacher reveals she’s discovered emotions can be our friend if we allow them to point us in the direction of Jesus instead of driving us toward unhealthy, impulsive decisions. “God is not waiting for you to pull yourself together,” she writes. “He is waiting for you to come to Him and fall apart.” Allen is also nominated for Podcast Impact for her popular podcast, “Made For This.”

“Upon Waking,” Jackie Hill Perry

Upon Waking

Jackie Hill Perry serves up 60 artfully crafted devotions in her latest book, “Upon Waking.” The poet, podcast host and Bible teacher offers beautiful reflections on Scripture, life and faith in a book that’s meant to be picked up and savored daily. “Each devotional is a shovel. Once the cover is closed, it’s your turn to dig; to open the Scriptures, using my observations of them as a resource, not a conclusion,” the Atlanta resident shares. “My heart for you is that by seeing Him, then and only then, will you discover yourself. Primarily, that you need Him.” Jackie and her husband, Preston, are set to launch “With The Perrys Podcast Tour” May 24, 2024.

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