Keeping the Church Singing: 21 Questions with Josh Baldwin

Posted on Sunday, November 29, 2020 by Lindsay Williams

21 Questions with Josh Baldwin

Worship leader Josh Baldwin was first introduced to K-LOVE listeners with his popular single, “Stand In Your Love.” In 2019, the song earned Baldwin two K-LOVE Fan Award nominations for Breakout Single of the Year and Worship Song of the Year.

The father of two continues to churn out hits in an attempt to keep the global church singing. His latest offering, “Evidence,” is the title-cut from his new full-length album, an 11-track collection filled with rootsy instrumentation, gritty vocals, and poignant lyrics. recently chatted with the singer/songwriter for a round of 21 questions covering everything from meeting one of his musical heroes (Steven Curtis Chapman) to writing a song in a creepy dormitory overlooking a graveyard.

1. Artist you’d most like to write with?
Chris Stapleton

2. One bucket list item you’ve already crossed off your list?
I always wanted to meet Steven Curtis Chapman, and I got to meet him last year at the K-LOVE Fan Awards.

3. Pre-show ritual?
I drink some hot tea.

4. Favorite thing about bus life?
The snacks, and then just sleeping in that dark, coffin-like bed. I sleep really well.

5. Last song you heard that moved you?
“Paris, Illinois,” by Brett Eldredge

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6. Favorite movie of all time?
Hoosiers. I love basketball.

7. Advice you would give to a young artist just starting out?
I would say, be yourself. Be authentic to who you are, and be kind. Don’t be a jerk to people, because they will remember that. Kindness can come back around and really help you later on in life.

8. Reason you haven’t given up on your dream of music?
Honestly, I think the real reason I haven’t given up on my dream is I’ve had just enough success here and there to keep going. Every time I’ve been right on the edge of quitting, I’ve had a little thing happen here or there to affirm this is what I’m supposed to be doing. I’ve definitely almost quit plenty of times.

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9. Best thing you can cook in the kitchen?
I love making omelets, and I make a mean spaghetti. But my wife is a great cook; and she loves to cook, so we’ll just let her do it.

10. One family tradition you love?
Every Christmas, we all get new Christmas pajamas, and we have a family movie night on Christmas Eve.

11. Favorite place to write songs?
My home studio/office. I’ve got it all vibed out to inspire me.

12. Strangest place you’ve ever written a song?
I wrote a song on my most recent album (Evidence) called “My King Forever,” and I wrote it with my friend, Ethan Hulse. I was on tour with Zach Williams, and we were at a Christian college in Massachusetts. We wrote this song in an upstairs dorm room. Nobody was in the whole dorm. So it was this massive, empty dormitory. It was a little bit creepy, because we were overlooking this beautiful college campus, and you could see where D.L. Moody is buried. It was kind of strange, kind of inspiring; and we wrote my favorite worship song that’s on the new album.

13. Favorite season of the year?

14. Artist you’d most like to meet (that you haven’t met yet)?
If I’m going back to growing up and Christian music that I listened to, I guess it would have to be Michael W. Smith. That would be fun to meet him.

15. Best compliment you’ve ever received?
Any time someone gives me compliments about my hair, it makes me feel really good. Just the fact that I still have some is nice! But also, my wife is a hairstylist, so it compliments us both because she does my hair.

16. Something you always tell your wife or kids before you leave for tour?
Obviously that I love them, and I tell the kids to take care of Mommy.

17. Favorite moment from making your new album, Evidence?
I would say it came in making the music video for my song, “Into the Wild.” The whole video is based around my son, Bear. I was so proud. It was just such a sweet moment.

WATCH NOW: Josh Baldwin "Into The Wild" Official Music Video


18. One experience that changed the way you look at the world?
I think having kids, for sure. Watching your wife give birth to your first child just rocks you in every way. All the emotions…just the most amount of love you could ever imagine. Then you immediately recognize how selfish you still are. Kids just bring out all of that.

19. Three songwriters you admire?
John Mark McMillan (I’m a little biased; he’s a good buddy.); Brian Johnson (He’s kind of my boss, but I see him behind the scenes, and he works so hard at songwriting.); Tom Petty (RIP. He’s the GOAT songwriter. I love to listen to his old stuff, and think, ‘How could I write a song like this that could be for the church?’)

20. Dream city you’d most love to live in?
Belfast, Ireland. I’ve been there a few times, and it’s beautiful.

21. Song you never get tired of singing?
“You Deserve It All.” It’s a deep cut from the last album (The War Is Over), but it’s probably the most true corporate worship song I’ve ever written.

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