"Reason" by Unspoken

Posted on Friday, June 7, 2019 by K-LOVE Staff




"Always second guessing the timing
But God has a plan a purpose in this
You are His child so don't you forget"

There's something special about the new Official Music Video for "Reason." Maybe it's the young girl's persistence as she pursues her dreams, or her father's patient protection as he guides her efforts - coupled with the melody and lyrics - or perhaps it's that closing scene with all the balloons and camaraderie. No matter what, it all makes for a fun and inspiring film that we hope you enjoy!

"He put that hunger in your heart
He put that fire in your soul
His love is the reason"

Discover @Unspoken's inspiration behind the song and album:

Their newest song, "Reason" identifies God's love as the reason to believe what He started in you, He will finish. Just believe. 

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