Exclusive Performance of "For God Is With Us" with for KING & COUNTRY

Posted on Monday, Aug 08, 2022 by K-LOVE Staff

The song itself has become a clear favorite on the K-LOVE airwaves in recent months, but @for KING & COUNTRY's "For God Is With Us" is more than just another hit for the duo of Joel and Luke Smallbone - it's a personal reminder that God is here. God is now. 

The pair recently visited the K-LOVE studios, in part, to present a moving, acoustic version of the single – but the performance went further than just the music.

Before the first stroke of the guitar, Joel shares a message – a series of questions – that he says we now know the answers to.

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"Over the last period of time, I think there's a question that has been placed in each of our minds, and that is when tragedy and darkness and hardship strike, where is God?" Joel asks. "Is He some abstract concept? Some far-off figure or man upstairs looking down on this experiment called Planet Earth from a million light years away? Or is He something – or somewhere – else?

"And as musicians, as poets, we feel like part of our responsibility is to sort of look at these questions and ask them, and so we did. We looked back throughout human history, and we were struck to see that in so many pivotal times in humanity, in the darkest days, God showed up – namely 2,000 years ago, when He came in human form. And so, we are here, sitting before you today, more convicted and more convinced that God is not some far-off mystical figure – that God is here. God is now. God is with us."

Enjoy this stunning rendition of "For God Is With Us."

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