Blanca Finds Healing in New Song “Even At My Worst”

Posted on Saturday, July 3, 2021 by Lindsay Williams

Blanca "Even At My Worst" Official Music Video

Following the death of both of her parents and a difficult divorce, @Blanca personally found solace in the words of her new song, “Even At My Worst.” The pop anthem speaks to the unconditional love of God, who never leaves, despite our mistakes or the unimaginable circumstances we might find ourselves in.

EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: Blanca "Even At My Worst" Official Music Video

“Writing songs that are true to my story has always been my goal, but there are a few special moments in your career where you write a song and feel like it literally carries your heart. ‘Even At My Worst’ does just that,” Blanca shares. “I walked through a divorce in 2019 that left me feeling broken and insecure about my own self-worth. It’s from that rock bottom that I was able to experience God’s goodness in such a real way.”

WATCH NOW: Blanca "Even At My Worst" Story Behind the Song

The former @Group 1 Crew member co-penned the single with Isabella Sjöstrand and Anton Göransson, who also produced the fresh track. 

“Even At My Worst” previews Blanca’s next full-length project and arrives on the heels of Renovada, her first collection of all-original Spanish music. The special album honors her parents and her Puerto Rican heritage as all the songs were originally written in Spanish first instead of being translated from English to Spanish.

WATCH NOW: Blanca "Even At My Worst" Official Lyric Video

“Even At My Worst” marks the start of a new chapter for the award-winning songstress. After walking through the challenges of the past few years, Blanca is boldly stepping out, finally ready to share her story with listeners and craft music that reflects the truest version of who she is as a resilient woman, believer and mother.

Blanca Even at my Worst

With two songs currently in the Top 20 on the Latin Christian music charts, Blanca is paving the way for other female Latino singers who desire to share their faith through song. “My goal is to continue to change the space for more urban music to be acceptable for Latin women in CCM,” she says.

The powerhouse vocalist is currently in L.A. working on new music.

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