Lauren Daigle Celebrates the Here and Now With Feel-Good Anthem

Posted on Monday, October 2, 2023 by K-LOVE Staff

K-LOVE New Song Feature: "These Are The Days" Lauren Daigle

Lauren Daigle’s new track is a soulful, feel-good anthem that will have you celebrating in the here and now time and time again.

These Are The Days,” the latest release from the Louisiana native’s self-titled double album, brings listeners back to her Cajun roots and delivers a grand dose of joy that is only amplified in the song’s music video – and for good reason.

“’These Are The Days’ was written right after I received my first phone call about our festival offer post-2020,” Daigle explained of the tune. “[My manager called and] said, ‘I’ve got good news, we have a festival offer,’ and I remember being so elated. This was a moment – a breaking moment for me to be able to get back on stage again.”

The next day, Daigle went into the recording studio with her producer offering up a fresh track still waiting for lyrics and an offer to simply sing what came to mind.

“I kept saying over and over again, ‘these are the days, these are the days, these are the days we’ve been dreaming of,’ and I remember thinking those were probably just placeholder lyrics until I sat and thought about them over and over,” Daigle said. “The song is a call for people that are wondering about these times, fearful of these times, confused about these times that we’re all living in. It’s a reminder that these are the days we’ve been waiting for. This is jubilation that we know God is coming back again. Christ will return one day, and we get to celebrate in the here and now for what is to come.”

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After releasing the first 10 tracks of her LP in May, the final 13 selections are now out to complete a 23-song double album. Fans can look forward to singing “These Are The Days” in person on Daigle’s “Kaleidoscope Tour” this fall.

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