‘Last Mile of Need’ Outreach Offers Hope to Those In Need

Thursday, October 22 2020 by Rafael Sierra, Jr.

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People walking down sidewalk delivering cart of goods
Canyon Hills
CityServe Last Mile of Need

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A faith-based outreach is helping struggling families when they need it most, with what’s called the ‘Last Mile of Need.’ Crissy Cochran is Director of Public Relations at CityServe and says, their mission is to equip and empower the local church to live out the Gospel of Jesus in the neighborhood.

“We know that there are so many areas of hurting people. There’s the fatherless and the addicted and the hungry and the homeless,” says Cochran. She’s helping mobilize local churches to be, “the hands and feet of Jesus in the neighborhood,” and able to “serve all types of people in whatever area they’re hurting.”

“We had one family that absolutely had noting. They were watching TV on the floor and CityServe got them everything,” says Jim Craig, Associate Pastor at Living Waters Assembly of God Church in Lamont, California, whose church is participating in the Last Mile of Need.He says to be amazed and so proud of CityServe for what they’re able to do for families in need – “to show them love,” at a time when many are losing hope.

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People delivering goods to people in car
[Photo Credit: Adam Welch] CityServe Last Mile of Need
Person stacking produce boxes
[Photo Credit: Chloe Wead] CityServe Last Mile of Need
Kids in car receiving food boxes
[Photo Credit: Adam Welch] CityServe Last Mile of Need
Produce farmers to families food boxes
[Photo Credit: Chloe Wead] CityServe Last Mile of Need
CityServe Truck
[Photo Credit: Scope Studios] CityServe Last Mile of Need
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