Positive People

Mentoring kids can change a life.  Introduce them to Jesus…it changes everything.

Positive People

Bringing Vintage Cars Back To Life & Learning Life Lessons From Jesus (+podcast)

Mentoring Albuquerque’s young people, volunteers change lives

Photo Credit: "Tommy's Toolbox Ministries"

Pastor David Evans takes a cue from Jeep owners

Positive People

A Heart For Sharing Jesus - Pastor Sees Results With ‘Duck Evangelism’ (+podcast)

Photo Credit: Springfield Baptist Church

“Warme William,” a plastic bear offered by Belgian government to try and prevent suicides

Positive People

Discouraged? Rather Talk To A Plastic Bear… Or Be Introduced To God? (+podcast)

Photo Credit: Don & Pam Lynch/IMB/Belgium

Dr. Edmond Hooker

Positive People

Nationally Recognized Expert: ‘Don’t Be Afraid To Do Bystander CPR’ (+ podcast)

Photo Credit: Xavier Hands Only CPR/YouTube

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'Dog Church' - Special service for people with special needs

Positive People

Canines 4 Christ: The Loving Outreach Began With Just 2 Words From God (+ podcast)

“When a volunteer takes a certified therapy dog out into the community, that dog is basically Jesus with fur…because they give this unconditional love that greets people with a warm nose and a wagging tail…”

Photo Credit: Canines 4 Christ

Wait til you see the drone video!

Positive People

Zach Nielson Has A Big Heart for Christmas – And The Real Meaning: Jesus (+ podcast)

Thousands of carloads of folks drive by to see the synchronized music-light show. They've even got food trucks!

Photo Credit: Zach Nielson

Pastor Steven Bell and family

Positive People

Pastor Wins On ‘Wheel’, Uses Spotlight To Promote Adoption (+podcast)

“My main goal was not to win a bunch of cash and prizes.”

Photo Credit: Steven Bell

Hody Childress (center), daughter Tania (r), son Doug (l)

Positive People

For 10 Years Hody Childress Secretly Paid Peoples’ Pharmacy Bills (+podcast)

He asked the pharmacist to just tell the person helped, “It was a blessing from the Lord.”

Photo Credit: Provided

Pastor Stephen Cox

Positive People

Pastor, Dad, Shares 10 Valuable Things He’s Learned About Teenagers (+podcast)

“I just started pinning down some things that God kind of put on my heart about what teenagers are needing.”

Photo Credit: Provided

Student baptism at Chi Alpha/Colorado

Positive People

College Students Hungry For Truth, Real Meaning Of Life (+ podcast)

"But ‘what is truth? What is the meaning of life? Why am I going to college spending exorbitant amounts of money to get a degree…what is it for in the end?'"

Photo Credit: Chi Alpha

Josh Clayton behind the mic

Positive People

Video Games And Jesus: Online Gamer Connects Youth And Faith (+Interview Podcast)

“I personally believe that the online community is the largest, unreached, unengaged people group in the world.”

Photo Credit: Billie Branham

Joe McKeever cartoon

Positive People

Cartoons About Faith, People & Life: Respected Cartoonist Joe McKeever (+podcast)

God told me, “I’m to encourage people with these.”

Photo Credit: Joe McKeever/BP

Melissa Brown with her new son, Joey

Positive People

Thanksgiving Was A Special Reason To Thank God (+podcast)

Joey has been through so much in his short life, but love leads the way.

Photo Credit: Provided

Man in wheelchair talking to pastor in a space with a shorter pew.

Positive People

Determined Pastor Cuts Pew In Half To Make Room For Worshiper’s Wheelchair (+podcast)

“It was heartbreak that somebody physically could not be in sacred space with everybody else.”

Photo Credit: AP/John Amis