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Deborah Chucoski (r) and her Guide

Positive People

Paralympian Training for Paris 2024 Games, Christian Music Is A Training Ingredient (+podcast)

“I committed to listening to all Christian music while I’m training, because again, the stuff that you put in is the stuff that will come out."

Photo Credit: Deborah Chucoski (r) and her Guide

Harvey the Husky

Positive People

Mom Drives 2,600 Miles To Adopt Dog With Lopsided Smile (+podcast)

Sherry Lankston says, “Not a single person, in the six months that he was there, had expressed any interest in him.”

Photo Credit: Sherry Lankston

Theology student readies a 'response flight' in Dr. Arnold's class

Positive People

They’re Not Winging It, Paper Airplanes Are Practical In This Class (+podcast)

The students stay engaged in the class, sending airborne questions and comments to the professor

Photo Credit: Cedarville University

Shawna encourages inside the Wellness Winnie

Positive People

The ‘Wellness Winnie’ Rolls Into Denver Neighborhoods With Encouragement (+podcast)

It’s a cute purple mini-RV that brings solutions, mental health help, and real support. “Let people know that they’re not alone and that we all struggle with something.”

Photo Credit: Denver Department of Public Health & Environment

Beach Reach

Positive People

Beach Reach: Christian Volunteers Protect Spring Breakers, Share Jesus…And Pancakes (+podcast)

“They are so open to hearing about Jesus – continue to pray!”

Photo Credit: Baptist Student Ministries

Joe McKeever cartoon

Positive People

Cartoons About Faith, People & Life: Respected Cartoonist Joe McKeever (+podcast)

God told me, “I’m to encourage people with these.”

Photo Credit: Joe McKeever/BP

Man in wheelchair talking to pastor in a space with a shorter pew.

Positive People

Determined Pastor Cuts Pew In Half To Make Room For Worshiper’s Wheelchair (+podcast)

“It was heartbreak that somebody physically could not be in sacred space with everybody else.”

Photo Credit: AP/John Amis

Woman comes out of ocean with lots of medals around her neck

Positive People

Special Olympics Athlete Kaitlin Dykes Takes Part In The Polar Plunge (+podcast)

Kaitlin is a huge advocate for the Special Olympics

Photo Credit: Patrice Dykes

Mt Healthy High School staff member and student posing with football jerseys

Positive People

High School Football Coach ‘Scores Big’ With Jersey Initiative (+podcast)

‘My Jersey, Your Impact’ gives students a chance to honor school staff with their football jerseys

Photo Credit: Jordan Steven

Man hugging a woman who is smiling

Positive People

Prayer Request Turns Into Organ Donation: Heather Schaefer Shares Her Story (+podcast)

When Heather saw the prayer request on Facebook, she just knew she wanted to donate her kidney

Photo Credit: Virtual Health