Scott & Kelli

Scott and Kelli smiling together in the k love studio with microphones

On-Air Schedule:

Monday - Friday

5-9 p.m. ET4-8 p.m. CT2-6 p.m. PT


5-9 p.m. ET4-8 p.m. CT2-6 p.m. PT

About Scott

I grew up on a small farm in southern Minnesota. While I did my share of farm work, I quickly realized that I wasn't cut out to be a farmer. At 15, I had the opportunity to work at a small country music station, in Jackson, Minnesota and soon realized that I wanted to work in radio. I remember practicing on my father's cassette recorder while trying to imitate Casey Kasem's Top 40 Countdown!

While in high school, our family moved to Rapid City, South Dakota where I continued my young radio career at Hit 100 FM. After graduating high school, I worked full time in radio, but also dabbled in some sales and marketing jobs. Eventually, God opened the doors for me to work in Christian radio. I was in love! I knew this is what God made me to do.

I anchored the morning show at Z88.3 FM in Orlando, Florida for 12 years. I met my wife Missy and spent the first 14 years of marriage in Florida raising our family, working in ministry, and building our lives together. We love spending time together as a family, doing everything from watching movies to going on adventurous camping and mission trips. Our desire is to be used by God wherever He gives us the opportunity.

About Kelli

When I was little, I dreamed of being a Christian singer. Many hours were spent singing into my hairbrush! However, as I grew up, I became fascinated with radio and chose to study Communications in college. I was so scared during my first radio shift that I wrote out every word that I was going to say and didn't eat all day! I loved it though; I could hang out, listen (and sing) to the music I loved, and talk with friends all day (the very thing I always got in trouble for doing as a kid)!

After college, I worked for a local radio station and taught theater at a Christian high school until God called my husband, Mark, and I into full-time missions work. We spent close to five years traveling the world, performing worship music and sharing Jesus with others. It changed my life! I came away from that experience with a deep desire to let the heartbroken and lost know that Jesus loved them.

In 2005, God led me to K-LOVE Radio where I teamed up with Scott for eight years. After two years on a solo show, we have recently teamed up again - and we laugh…a lot!

In a nutshell, I love God, my husband and two sons (Jarod and Alec), hanging out with friends on the radio, laughing a lot, singing in a local choir and drinking too much coffee!