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21 Questions Christmas Edition with Jordan St. Cyr on Holiday Memories, Seasonal Treats, and the Christmas Record He’s Sure to Have On Repeat

Posted on Monday, Nov 08, 2021 by Lindsay Williams

21 Questions Christmas Edition with Jordan St. Cyr

Newcomer @Jordan St. Cyr honed his penchant for writing and singing while serving with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) as a teen. Today, the Canadian singer/songwriter looks to the life he shares with his wife and four kids as inspiration for the original music he crafts. Stewarding powerful songs like “Fires” and “Weary Traveler,” St. Cyr knows firsthand what it means to endure trials in life. His daughter has a rare chronic illness that’s kept him asking questions of God, and in turn, has also brought him closer to his Heavenly Father. Following a run of fall shows with @Colton Dixon, the longtime Compassion International advocate will join @Casting Crowns, @Mac Powell , @CAIN , @Dante Bowe and The Skit Guys for the 2021 K-LOVE Christmas Tour. (Look for him to debut his original Christmas single, “Rejoice,” out on the road!)

Ahead of the festive outing, kicking off Dec. 1 in Atlanta, Ga., sat down with St. Cyr for a Christmas edition of “21 Questions” where the singer shared holiday memories from childhood, his favorite seasonal treats and the Christmas record he’s sure to have on repeat.

WATCH NOW: "Rejoice" (Official Video) - Jordan St. Cyr Favorite Christmas memory of all time?

Jordan St. Cyr: The first time I sang in public…for a Christmas event at my church. I sang a tune called “Joseph’s Song,” and even as I fought through the nerves, I knew in that moment that this is what I wanted to do with my life. Best Christmas gift you’ve ever received?

Jordan St. Cyr: I asked for a very specific guitar from my parents when I was 15 years old. However, the one I received was quite different from the one I envisioned. When I opened the gift, my disappointment showed all over my face. My dad felt so bad that he reached over, grabbed his guitar, and said, ‘Why don’t you have this one?’ It’s a moment I’ll never forget. One reason you’re excited to be a part of this year’s K-LOVE Christmas Tour?

Jordan St. Cyr:  I’m so excited to hang and perform with such incredibly talented and God-loving people. The community and relationships with the artists and fans are what I look forward to most. Christmas song you wish you’d written?

Jordan St. Cyr: “O Holy Night.” Gives me chills every time I hear it. One Christmas movie you watch every single year?

Jordan St. Cyr: Home Alone is hands down the winner for me. I love watching it with my family every year. We laugh so hard at this one. Favorite Christmas food? 

Jordan St. Cyr: Just one? Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, meatballs, gravy, vegetables, the whole deal. Christmas tradition you wish you had carried into adulthood?

Jordan St. Cyr: My family carried the same traditions forward as when I grew up—the giving of gifts, joining in community, gathering as a family, and reading the Christmas story. Most meaningful ornament on your tree?

Jordan St. Cyr: The star! Every year the kids trade off being the one to place the star at the top of the tree. I love what it signifies in our house. Family recipe or treat that’s only made during the holidays?

Jordan St. Cyr: Sugar cookies are my go-to. Shaped like Christmas trees or reindeer, obviously. Strangest place you’ve ever spent Christmas?

Jordan St. Cyr: I’ve never been away from home for Christmas!  Finish this sentence. It’s not Christmas until…

Jordan St. Cyr: The tree is lit, and there’s snow on the ground. All-time favorite Christmas song?

Jordan St. Cyr: “O Holy Night.” The melody and movement and the lyrics. WOW. It’s truly breathtaking.  Artist you’re most excited to get to know on the K-LOVE Christmas Tour (and why)?

Jordan St. Cyr: So looking forward to meeting Mac Powell. Third Day was one of those bands that really helped shape my relationship with God and music. The songs they wrote were so impactful to me growing up. If you can’t be home for the holidays, the only place you’d rather be?

Jordan St. Cyr: As long as I’m with my wife and kids, you could put me almost anywhere. Somewhere warm wouldn’t hurt! Favorite passage of Scripture from the Christmas story?

Jordan St. Cyr: Matthew 2:9-11. The anticipation conveyed in this passage gets me so inspired. Especially when it says the Magi were overjoyed at the sight of the star pointing to the birthplace of Jesus. What a moment that must have been.  Christmas music before or after Thanksgiving?

Jordan St. Cyr: After! Christmas comes every year. We can wait! Funniest family Christmas story/memory?

Jordan St. Cyr: My family always had a gathering on Christmas Eve. My brothers and I would always get so out-of-hand-excited throughout the day that my parents started the tradition of allowing us to open one gift each on Christmas Eve morning just to keep us occupied and out of the way. We were terrible. Haha.  Artist you’d most love to record a Christmas duet with (and what song)?

Jordan St. Cyr: @Lauren Daigle. “O Holy Night.” Boom! Christmas record you have on repeat all December? 

Jordan St. Cyr: In the ’90s my parents bought Neil Diamond’s The Christmas Album. The children’s choir and orchestra throughout the album bring me right back to Christmastime as a child; and the arrangements are so classic. It’s gotta be played!  White lights or colored lights?

Jordan St. Cyr: Colored lights!  What Christmas means to you? 

Jordan St. Cyr: For me, Christmas is the anticipation and celebration of our Savior’s birth, enjoying the gift of family and friends, the tree, the food, and the time spent together.

Grab your tickets to see Jordan St. Cyr live on the 2021 K-LOVE Christmas Tour here.

WATCH NOW: 2021 K-LOVE Christmas Tour Sizzle Reel

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