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Find God in the Flames in New Hillsong UNITED Song

Posted on Monday, Feb 01, 2021 by Lindsay Williams

Hillsong UNITED "Another In The Fire"

On their fresh track, “Another in the Fire,” Hillsong UNITED declares that even when we feel like everything around us is burning, we are never alone. 

Written by Joel Houston and Chris Davenport, “Another in the Fire” takes its imagery from the book of Daniel and the biblical account of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego—three faithful servants of Christ who refused to bow down to the king and were thrown in a fiery furnace as punishment. With flames licking their skin, they soon realized, there were four people standing strong in the fire. God was with them still. 

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“It was cool to be able to write a song that almost talks about a lack of resolution and how what you’re in the midst of and where you’re headed, the X factor in all of that is actually that you’re not alone,” Davenport says of penning “Another in the Fire.” “And so regardless of what circumstances you’re in or you’re facing, you’ve never been alone. You never are alone, and you never will be alone.”

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Shortly before Hillsong UNITED officially debuted the song at their church’s annual conference, Davenport’s young son received an autism diagnosis that, as a father, devastated him. He didn’t know if he wanted to stand up on stage and deliver the words to a song he wasn’t sure he believed. But with some gentle encouragement from Houston, he ended up finding the courage to sing. He adds, “As the song kind of developed, I think for both of us personally, the song started going from a cool title and a cool lyric to something I feel like we both really needed.”

WATCH NOW: The Story Behind The Song "Another In The Fire"

“Another in the Fire” was originally released on 2019’s People. The latest version of the song features lead vocals from Taya, known for helming some of Hillsong UNITED’s biggest hits like “Touch the Sky” and “Oceans.”

There is no other name But the Name that is Jesus He who was and still is -Hillsong UNITED "Another In The Fire"

Hillsong @UNITED's most recent release is The People Tour: Live from Madison Square Garden, a new live album and full-length concert film.

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