K-LOVE 40th Anniversary: Denise Jones Celebrates

Posted on Monday, October 17, 2022 by Lindsay Williams

K-LOVE Turns 40: Denise Jones Reflects

Keep The Candle Burning,” “Circle of Friends” and “Jesus Will Still Be There” are just a few of the 27 No. 1 songs that have defined Point Of Grace’s remarkable career over the past three decades. The vocal group originally formed in college and went on to become one of Christian music’s most beloved acts in the ’90s winning coveted awards, headlining high-profile tours and scoring hit after hit alongside their peers of the day like 4HIM and Avalon. Today, founding members Denise Jones and Shelley Breen and longtime member Leigh Cappillino are still singing. The trio continues to record together, while also diving into new projects like cookbooks and gift books. Their 11th studio album, “Beautiful Name: Hymns and Worship Songs,” finds them lending their perfected three-part harmony to familiar favorites. Moreover, since releasing their first critically-acclaimed Christmas collection in 1999, the women of Point of Grace have become synonymous with the season. They’ll reprise their annual holiday outing this December bringing their vocal gifts to cities across the country.

In this exclusive Q&A celebrating 40 years of K-LOVE, the group’s Denise Jones reminisces on Christian radio’s impact, Point of Grace’s legacy and the first time her clock radio played “I’ll Be Believing.”

K-LOVE: How has K-LOVE impacted your journey as an artist?

Denise Jones: I am a Christian music fan, first and foremost. I grew up listening to Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant, Sandi Patty and First Call. They shaped my love for Christian music. It gave me the ability as a teenage girl to have songs to sing for “special music” at church. And it gave me an outlet for my love of singing, but also allowed me to do something I felt had eternal value. I love how all kinds of musical styles have been able to expand under the umbrella of Christian music. Just like the church, we are all different parts that make up what we consider Christian music, but they all serve the purpose of giving glory and honor to Jesus. I’m so honored to be considered a part of this last 40 years of great music that makes a difference.

K-LOVE: Do you remember hearing your song for the first time on K-LOVE? 

Denise Jones: I was a newlywed, and I can distinctly remember that my alarm clock, which was connected to the radio at the time, went off, and it was playing the song “I’ll Be Believing.” I don’t think I have ever in my life jumped out of bed so quickly! I squealed and screamed and practically scared my husband to death. Then, of course, I had to start making phone calls to my family. Such a fun memory!

K-LOVE: Do you have a personal K-LOVE story you’d like to share?

Denise Jones: I’ve been in Christian music now for 30 years, and I can honestly say that I’m still a big Christian radio listener. With every record we have ever recorded, we have been very particular about choosing songs that would encourage listeners or remind them that they are not alone when going through a difficult season. This past year has been one of the most difficult seasons for me personally. My son went through a very traumatic experience, and my mom passed away. It was Christian radio that spoke to my heart when sometimes I felt numb everywhere else. Music was where I could find the words to pray and begin healing my own broken heart. I continue to pray that our music does that for others as well.

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