K-LOVE 40th Anniversary: Matthew West Celebrates

Posted on Monday, October 17, 2022 by Lindsay Williams

K-LOVE Turns 40: Matthew West Reflects

Matthew West has been a steady presence on K-LOVE Radio since he bowed his very first single, “More,” in 2003. Named Male Artist of the Year at the 2022 K-LOVE Fan Awards, the father of two is finally getting his due. With more than 130 songwriting credits to his name, West has been Nashville’s biggest secret weapon for years, penning songs for some of Christian music’s biggest artists and brightest new acts, including Casting Crowns, Jeremy Camp and Anne Wilson, among many others. Known for his dry humor as much as his penchant for songwriting, West can easily turn any song into a parody or come up with a joke on the fly. His quick wit is just one reason fans continue to enthusiastically welcome him back as a perennial host of the K-LOVE Fan Awards, a show he’s emceed seven times. The five-time GRAMMY® nominee recently celebrated the launch of his sixth book, “The God Who Stays,” titled after his No. 1 hit of the same name. Known for countless selections through the years like “Me On Your Mind,” “Hello, My Name Is” and “The Motions,” West will take all his hits — and brand new music — out on the road this fall where concertgoers will spend “An Evening At The Story House” with the decorated artist and special guest Katy Nichole.

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"Me On Your Mind" Matthew West

In this exclusive Q&A celebrating 40 years of K-LOVE, West reflects on his enduring relationship with Christian radio and how K-LOVE has influenced his own approach to ministry.

K-LOVE: How has K-LOVE impacted your journey as an artist?

Matthew West: K-LOVE is a huge reason why I have this opportunity to share the message of hope in Jesus to the world through one three-minute song at a time. Whether it’s a song of mine like “Truth Be Told,” or a song I’ve written behind-the-scenes with some of my favorite Christian artists, K-LOVE has given those songs a window to the world. I can always tell when I’m playing a concert in a K-LOVE city because the crowd is always singing louder than me! And it’s not just my ministry that has been blessed by K-LOVE. K-LOVE’s impact has been felt far and wide in the lives of the artists and the listeners. I always think about how many people out there might never darken the door of a church, but they just might turn on the radio — and thanks to K-LOVE — hear the Gospel loud and clear. That’s not just impact, that’s eternal impact. And that’s the kind of work I get to be a part of with K-LOVE. Kingdom business.

K-LOVE: Do you remember hearing your song for the first time on K-LOVE? 

Matthew West: I will never forget it! I was on my first official tour, driving all night in a van, following the Newsboys’ tour bus. I was tired and discouraged. We were driving through Denver as the sun was coming up. We had been up all night. Trying to stay awake, I turned on the radio and started switching stations. All of a sudden, I heard, “I love you more than the sun and the stars…” and my band and I started freaking out! I called my mom, and we celebrated over the phone. That was a special moment in my journey!

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This Is My Story with Matthew West

K-LOVE: Do you have a personal K-LOVE story you’d like to share?

Matthew West: There are too many special moments and memories with K-LOVE, the DJs and the listeners to count! It makes me emotional just thinking about it. From making up a goofy Thanksgiving song live on air, to K-LOVE cruises and hosting the K-LOVE Fan Awards each year, I cherish each moment and memory.

But I knew K-LOVE was the real deal and a ministry I would be proud to partner with when I visited their headquarters and attended a staff prayer meeting. I watched the employees walk in, pick up some pink sheets of paper and sit down. I asked what was on the sheets of paper. One of the staff pastors told me they were prayer requests from listeners. That touched me to know that this station wasn’t just making music for people, they were doing life with people. I’ve never forgotten that and have sought to have my own ministry mirror that same heartbeat and focus on going deeper than just entertainment.

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