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21 Questions with Evan Craft on the K-LOVE Fan Awards, Finding Love, and the Joy of Latin Music

Posted on Monday, Aug 23, 2021 by Lindsay Williams

21 Questions with Evan Craft

@Evan Craft graced the K-LOVE Fan Awards stage for the first time back in May. Along with four-time K-LOVE Fan Award winner @Danny Gokey and hip-hop artist Redimi2, the budding Latin star performed his bilingual hit, “Be Alright.” He might have been born and raised in Los Angeles, but the West Coast singer takes his musical cues from Latin America, comprised of a culture that captured his heart in high school. Fluent in Spanish, Craft has taken his original songs around the globe. Earlier this year, the new Nashville transplant released his fourth full-length studio album, Desesperado. He’s set to open for @MercyMe at a Texas tour stop in August. recently caught up with Craft for 21 Questions to talk about that buzz-worthy K-LOVE Fan Awards performance, how @Jeremy Camp inadvertently introduced him to his now-fiancée, and why Latin Christian music is filled with so much joy. What you loved most about collaborating with Danny Gokey on “Be Alright”?

Evan Craft: I was surprised that Danny said he loved the song so much when I first shared it with him. I wrote the song in English about my brother during quarantine, and Danny really brought it to life. Not only did we get a great song, but I really became friends with Danny. I love that this was the first step on a journey of both of us singing in two languages. His kindness and humility blew me away. He’s pushed the song just as much as I have! First Christian album you ever owned?

Evan Craft: It was either a P.O.D. album or the greatest hits of dcTalk. Very different, but both inspired me to push the limits musically and lyrically. dcTalk’s “Jesus Freak” emboldened me in my faith in high school and continues to inspire me even to this day. 

WATCH NOW: Evan Craft "Be Alright (ft. Danny Gokey and Redimi2)" Official Music Video Why it’s important for you to record your music in both Spanish and English?

Evan Craft: God has done an amazing work in my life through Latin America. Spanish is the embodiment of that and keeps me connected to the friends, family, and people I love who speak the language. Today, singing in English allows me to share that with my family and friends I grew up with and share what God is doing outside of our surroundings. One thing you wish people knew about Latin Christian music?

Evan Craft: The JOY. There is a joy in Latin America that is unique, and it comes to life fully when Jesus is at the center of it. Hardships, pain, and disappointment all coexist but are overshadowed by the reality of Jesus’ love and the promise He gives us. I’ve experienced joy through Latin Christian music. One song you never get tired of singing?

Evan Craft: “Be Alright,” for sure, because of the testimonies I’ve received from it; but also “Mi Casa es Tu Casa.” It’s from my last Spanish album, and it’s one of the most fun songs I’ve ever written. Check it out! Reason you have a heart for the homeless?

Evan Craft: My dad started a homeless shelter when I was in high school. He would take us once a week and would share how many of the people were just down on their luck. They had medical bills, divorces, and other circumstances that were out of their hands; and they needed a hand up, not a hand out. I practiced Spanish at the rescue mission and learned about the world beyond suburban Los Angeles. How you met your fiancée?

Evan Craft: I heard all the cliches, like, “Seek the Lord, and you’ll find someone right beside you doing the same thing.” I was looking and looking—pretty frustrated, too—after traveling for years and wondering if we’d ever meet. In 2017 I did a concert in Mazatlan, Mexico, with Jeremy Camp, and I had no idea that in the audience would be my fiancée/wife. She was taking care of special needs kids and brought them to the concert. Needless to say, I don’t deserve her. We both moved to Nashville at the beginning of 2020 and reconnected through the ministry she was serving with in Mexico. Series you’re currently binging?

Evan Craft: Anything Marvel, “The Office,” and “Parks and Rec.” Artist you’d most like to collaborate with?

Evan Craft: Ben Rector, Lauren Daigle, TobyMac, Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran. I’m shooting for the stars. Favorite Scripture verse?

Evan Craft: Jeremiah 29:7. It calls for us to seek the peace and the prosperity of where we are. I believe it is completely relevant to everyone across all nations. It reminds me to bloom where I’m planted. It goes on to say that if the city “prospers, you will prosper, too.” So we’re to love our city, home, and nation. Song you currently have on repeat?

Evan Craft: “Range Rover” by Ben Rector. He’s a genius. I love how playful the song is, and it puts me in a good mood! Favorite memory from performing at and attending the 2021 K-LOVE Fan Awards?

Evan Craft: It was amazing to meet so many of my musical heroes, but what I loved most was singing with Danny [Gokey] and Redimi2. I’m not sure if Redimi2 is the first true Latin-born artist to sing at the K-LOVE Fan Awards, but he certainly left a mark. It was a huge honor to be a part of that. One moment from your childhood that has shaped you as an adult?

Evan Craft: We had a sign language interpreter at our church, and I would imitate her as a kid. It intrigued me that there were people who didn’t speak English or weren’t able to communicate like I did. I think that sparked something in me to want to learn another language so that I could overcome a challenge for someone else. Three words you would use to describe your artistry?

Evan Craft: Blood, sweat, and tears. Blood because I’m honest about hurt. Sweat because it’s hard work. Tears because I want to be vulnerable. Venue you’d most love to headline?

Evan Craft: Grand Ole Opry House for the K-LOVE Fan Awards! Or the Staples Center [in LA]. Favorite lyric you’ve ever written?

Evan Craft:Accolades will fade along with all the fame. I know, I can’t buy salvation with silver or gold. What if I win the world, and while my back is turned I find, I lost my heart and then my very soul. I long to hear one thing, to stand before my King, ‘Well done, my good and faithful servant.’” —“Comfort Zone”

I wrote this when I was on a tour in Ecuador, and I wanted to go home. I was tired and grumpy, and I heard the Lord say to me, “Don’t go back to your comfort zone.” It’s extremely important to have your purpose and priorities aligned correctly. This song reminds me every time I sing it. Even when it’s hard, when I’m tired, or when I’m worn out, I want to keep my eyes on the prize of sharing the GOOD news. And it’s a privilege. I don’t want to go back to my comfort zone. I’m happy where God has taken me. One sentence that describes the message behind “Be Alright”?

Evan Craft: The Holy Spirit is our comforter in the deepest, darkest moments of our lives; and it’s OK to be vulnerable with God. Reason you started learning Spanish in high school?

Evan Craft: I had great teachers. I ended up in Spanish 2 and loved the class. It seemed like a great thing to learn and opened up my mind to traveling. I never would have imagined I’d be fluent and singing all over the world in Spanish. My first time singing in England was in Spanish! Bucket-list trip you’d most like to plan?

Evan Craft: Greece, Switzerland, Iceland, and Israel. But with my wife this time! Favorite meal?

Evan Craft: Tacos Al Pastor. Mexican food is hard to beat. One thing people might not know about you?

Evan Craft: I wanted to be an engineer and started off studying music and math in college. Spanish ended up being my degree. It’s OK to not know where you are going sometimes.

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