Blacksmithing, for instance, has seen a remarkable resurgence


What Is A 'Folk School?' - And Why So Much Interest?

These institutions, dedicated to craft preservation, are educational centers of their community.

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Toddler’s ‘Golden Girls’ Hairstyle Is The Best Thing On The Internet This Week

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Ancient, carved stone lipstick case


Tube Of Ancient Red Lipstick Unearthed In Iran

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A calendar shows the month of February, including leap day, Feb. 29, on Saturday, Feb. 24, 2024, in Glenside, Pa., Saturday, Feb. 24, 2024.


Leap Year: How Did It All Begin And Why?

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Swimmers were escorted out onto the frozen lake in robes and stripped down into their suits just before plunging in.


Brrrrr! Ice Water: Winter Swimming Festival Held In Vermont

200-meter (218-yard) freestyle race in a narrow pool cut from the ice

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Tennessee Looks To Add ‘Hot Slaw’ As Official State Food

A bill making the vinegary and mustardy dish the first official state food got its final approval

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Cold pear and maraschino cherry salad on iceberg lettuce


43 Vintage Southern Salads You'll Find In Any Church Cookbook

In the South, cold salads mean much more than just lettuce in a bowl. These classic Southern salad recipes deserve to be served forever.

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Wheelchair Basketball Team


Wheelchair Basketball Team Turned Away From Restaurant - But Gets Apology

Taking advantage of the discomfort, the team has created shirts with the words “fire hazard” to fundraise for future basketball tournaments.

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Oops! Golden Retriever Transforms Living Room Couch Into A Mud Pit

Willow’s parents were pre-occupied with work meetings one rainy day. They soon realized that leaving the back door open for the dogs was a grave mistake.

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Rubik's Cube


The Legendary Rubik’s Cube Turns 50, Captivating Puzzle Enthusiasts Globally

“It speaks to the universal values in human nature: curiosity, perseverance, and ingenuity. Recognizing the Cube’s 50th anniversary celebrates these eternal values.”

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Mesa Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities Department placed a realistic-looking foam alligator in a Riverview Park pond.


'Alligator' Floating In Arizona Pond Prompts 911 Calls From Concerned Locals

Officials in Mesa, Arizona, placed a foam alligator in a Riverview Park pond, prompting concerned residents to dial 911. Locals are not accustomed to seeing gators in the state.

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Charlie Brown, left, riding with Franklin as Snoopy follows at right, in a scene from the animated special “Snoopy Presents: Welcome Home, Franklin"


Watch Trailer: 'Peanuts' Character Franklin Gets New Animated Special

“Sometimes a miracle happens,” says show co-writer Armstrong. “If someone’s got a better answer, I'd love to hear it. I’m just convinced that sometimes God gets involved. And this is that.”

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The story behind the couple who adopted the cat that interrupted their wedding vows


Newlyweds Adopt Cat Who Crashed Wedding After Venue Assists In Adoption

A newlywed couple recently adopted the cat months after the same animal interrupted their wedding vows.

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Pancake race contestants


American Wins Centuries-Old English Pancake Race

“It’s a horrible distance,.. But it’s good fun”

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