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Baby otter at the Alaska SeaLife Center after losing mother in orca whale attack.


Otter Pup Rescued By Alaska SeaLife Center Workers After "Unusually Dramatic" Orca Attack

An otter pup was rescued by Alaska SeaLife Center workers who witnessed her and her mother being attacked by orcas in Homer, Alaska


Source: people.com

Taylor Swift in the box seat at Arrowhead stadium


Taylor Swift's Attendance At Chiefs Game Brings A Spike In Football Jersey Sales

The pop superstar is currently taking a break during her sold-out stadium tour

Photo Credit: CNN

Source: cnn.com



Explaining The 'Stuffie,' A Uniquely Rhode Island Food

The stuffed quahog is part of Rhode Island's latest campaign to draw in new visitors. But what exactly is a stuffie?

Photo Credit: Rhode Island Commerce Corporation

Source: boston.com

Erlend Bore, who dreamed of being an archaeologist as a child, found gold medallions, pearls and rings.


Metal Detectorist Makes ‘Gold Find Of Century’

Erlend Bore, who was out walking on doctor’s orders, finds cache including rare medallions from about AD500

Photo Credit: Anniken Celine Berger/NTB/Arkeologisk museum

Source: theguardian.com

Casseroles and Comfort Food: Home Cooking at Its Best


The Casserole: An American Classic

While casseroles and comfort food change with popular tastes and trends, they remain a mainstay of American cooking.

Photo Credit: Wealth of Geeks



Your Cat’s Oddest Behaviors, Explained (Maybe)

Cats come with a lot of unusual and quirky personality traits.

Photo Credit: BleacherBreaker

Source: bleacherbreaker.com

Clouded Leopard kitten


Oklahoma Zoo Forecasts 'Cloudy With A Chance Of Cute' After Rare Clouded Leopard Kitten Born

Clouded leopards are native to South and Southeast Asia, but have disappeared entirely from several nations like Vietnam and Taiwan

Photo Credit: OKC Zoo and Botanical Garden, Facebook

Source: goodnewsnetwork.org

Flamingos stand by the water along a Lake Michigan beach in Port Washington, Wis.


Flamingos... In Wisconsin? Yep. Tropical Birds Visit Lake Michigan Beach In A First!

One for the record books: “This is huge. This is unbelievable."

Photo Credit: Paul A. Smith /Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel via AP

Pet squirrel


A Venezuelan Man And His Pet Squirrel Niko Must Say Goodbye

“It would practically be like starting with nothing, without Niko,” Yeison said.

Photo Credit: Valerie Gonzalez

air fryer


Air Fryers Now Really Popular: How Do They Work?

Nearly 60% of U.S. households own an air fryer.

Photo Credit: WOG