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photo provided by the U.S. Navy shows SEAL candidates participating in "surf immersion" during Basic Underwater Demolition training at the Naval Special Warfare (NSW) Center in Coronado, California


SEAL Commander Challenges Pentagon - Asks Religious Vaccination Exemptions, Sees Retention Challenges

A top Navy SEAL official is going against the Biden administration's military vaccine mandate by recommending that one SEAL be granted a religious exemption request.

Photo Credit: MC1 Anthony Walker/U.S. Navy via AP

Source: foxnews.com

Hot Dog


Study: Consuming Ultra-Processed Foods Could Increase Dementia Risk

A new study found that people may be at increased risk for cognitive decline if they consume more ultra-processed foods

Photo Credit: Fox News

Source: foxnews.com

Ham & Cheese Loaf


Recall: Oscar Mayer Ham And Cheese Loaf

The ready-to-eat ham and cheese loaf may have been cross-contaminated

Photo Credit: USDA



Some Areas Find Cold & Flu Medication In Short Supply

Shortages of antibiotics and medication have hit many stores and pharmacies across the region as the cold and flu season gets underway

Photo Credit: WLWT-TV

Source: wlwt.com



Multiple Doses Of NARCAN Now Necessary As Fentanyl Gets Stronger?

"You wouldn’t carry one Band-Aid. You wouldn’t carry just one Advil or ibuprofen, you would be carrying a bottle. I think that in this case, it’s the same thing — you need to carry more than one.”

Photo Credit: WKRN-TV

Source: wkrn.com

Washing Hands


Why Regularly Washing Your Hands Is Important

December 5 marks the start of National Handwashing Awareness Week, a time set aside every year to remind people about the importance of good hand hygiene.

Photo Credit: Unsplash

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