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Dr. Kevin Jones hosts video


New Video Series In The Works: Professor Answers Kids’ Tough Faith Questions

One example of a question Dr. Kevin Jones will be answering: “If God made us, who made God?”

Photo Credit: Cedarville University/Scott Huck

Many Churches To Hold Hybrid Christmas Services As COVID-19 Upends Original Plans


Many Churches To Hold Hybrid Christmas Services As COVID-19 Upends Original Plans

A national survey of pastors found that nearly one-half plan to hold Christmas services both in-person and online

Photo Credit: Pexels

Source: christianpost.com

Cory Asbury smiling and sitting in front of a piano with a brown beanie on his head, black t-shirt and a cell phone in hand


Cory Asbury's 'Reckless Love' Is Going To Be A Movie

Based on the popular Christian song, 'Reckless Love'

Photo Credit: Relevant Magazine

Source: relevantmagazine.com

nativity scene


'Christmas Eve In A Box': Virus Surge Leads To Creative Christmas Worship

Candles, chocolates, hot cocoa, candy canes, postage-stamped outreach cards, the Gospel, ornaments like the Christmas star that heralded the Baby Jesus.

Photo Credit: Ingleside Baptist Church

Source: baptistpress.com



COVID-19 Bringing Christmas Changes For Many Of Us

A quarter of Americans (25%) say the pandemic makes them less likely to attend a Christmas church service this year.

Photo Credit: LifeWay Research



Reaching The Very Hard-To-Reach In The Amazon Rainforest

“They live far up an Amazonian tributary, just a step removed from the Stone Age.”

Photo Credit: IMB/BP

Source: baptistpress.com

Jaxson Burkholder


Ozarks Boy The Only One In The World With This Diagnosis

"We just trust the Lord, that’s all you really can do in times like that.”

Photo Credit: KY3

Source: ky3.com

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