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Various slides that say things like "Jesus called huddles too." And "Jesus confronted racism with love."


‘He Gets Us’ Super Bowl Ads Part of Billion-Dollar Campaign

One theologian is critical: “This wasn’t just a great teacher or preacher who was incarnated,” he said. “This was God himself.”

Photo Credit: Christianity Today

Source: christianitytoday.com



Clean Sweep: Maverick City Music Goes Four for Four at 65th Annual GRAMMY Awards

"I’m super grateful to God and what He’s able to do when you just decide to give your life to serve other people and uplift voices that are not normally heard. This album, for us, was one where we were able to go into Everglades Correctional Facility..."

Photo Credit: K-LOVE

Source: klove.com

Bryant Young'


Watch: Pro Football Hall Of Famer Bryant Young's “God Moment”

Hall of Famer Bryant Young didn't care to be vulnerable early on. But when he did begin to open up, his relationship with Christ flourished.

Photo Credit: Sports Spectrum

Source: sportsspectrum.com

Emergency workers and medics rescue a woman out of the debris of a collapsed building in Elbistan, Kahramanmaras, in southern Turkey


7,800 Lives Lost, Massive Rescue Efforts, Convoy Of Hope Responds To Turkey/Syria Quake Zone

Food, water and other essentials will be sent to the region as quickly as possible.

Photo Credit: AP

Pastor Mike Coleman


Pastor Carjacked In Church Parking Lot Will Not Bail On Neighborhood

“I believe that if enough good people move out of the neighborhood, it turns bad.”

Photo Credit: BP/Carondelet Baptist Church

Source: baptistpress.com

distressed couple


How Can Church Leaders Speak To Men In The Abortion Conversation? (mature topic)

"Some men would choose to stay when their unwed partners become pregnant. They want to make things right. They want to fight for the baby." - Pastor Justin Mullins

Photo Credit: BP/iStock

Source: baptistpress.com

Iranian Couple


Iranian Couple Sees God At Work In Miraculous Ways

"The Quran says this, and the Bible says this. And he wrestled. In fact, he wrestled so deeply that he became an atheist.”

Photo Credit: MNN/Sat7

Source: mnnonline.org



Watch: ‘The Bible Prophecy Project’ - Joel C. Rosenberg

27% of all Bible verses are prophecy, yet too few pastors teach on them – so, let’s try something different

Photo Credit: AllIsrael News

Source: allisrael.com

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