Now Playing: 8 New Songs to Add to Your Music Library

Posted on Monday, May 24, 2021 by K-LOVE Staff

Now Playing: 8 New Songs on K-LOVE

The K-LOVE music library continues to expand with the addition of 8 new songs. This month's list features a host of new artists and rising stars, as well as a few of your favorites peppered in. There's a song for everyone, featuring debut music from @Stephen Stanley to upbeat tunes from @Rhett Walker and @Dante Bowe, to an inspirational tribute from @Ryan Stevenson.

Press play on these 8 new songs now on K-LOVE:

1. Stephen Stanley "No Hopeless Soul"

Newcomer @Stephen Stanley makes his debut with a song that reminds every heart that hope is always an option. “No Hopeless Soul” reaches into the depths of God’s love that has the power to pull us out of any pit of our own making.

Discover more about the song, and check out New Artist Stephen Stanley Taps into the Depths of God’s Redeeming Love on "No Hopeless Soul".

2. Leanna Crawford "Mean Girls"

With her latest single, @Leanna Crawford hopes the lyrics of “Mean Girls” will help young women understand that while the words of others hurt, their words don’t have to define any of us.

Discover more about the song, and check out Leanna Crawford Calls Out All the "Mean Girls" for Their Damaging Words.

3. Rhett Walker "Gospel Song"

Over the past year, @Rhett Walker and his family have found refuge and solace by turning up the volume on his favorite Gospel-infused tunes. On his new single, “Gospel Song,” Walker flips the script with an original song that reminds listeners of the truth.

Discover more about the song, and check out Rhett Walker Declares 'There Ain't Nothing Like A Gospel Song'.

4. Evan Craft "Be Alright (feat. Danny Gokey)"

@Evan Craft is known for recording songs in Spanish, yet the Christian singer/songwriter recently released a timely track in English. “Be Alright” is an anthem in the face of uncertainty, serving as a reminder that God is always in control.

Discover more about the song, and check out Evan Craft Assures Listeners Everything Will “Be Alright” in New Song Featuring Danny Gokey.

5. CAIN "Yes He Can"

Sibling trio @CAIN looks to God’s faithfulness in the past as a blueprint for His faithfulness in the future with the new uplifting pop track “Yes He Can.”

Discover more about the song, and check out Can God Move Your Mountain? CAIN Says, “Yes He Can!” in New Song.

6. Ryan Stevenson "When We Fall Apart"

Even in her final moments here on earth, @Ryan Stevenson's mother was intent on passing on wisdom to her son. His latest song, “When We Fall Apart,” is chock-full of her motherly advice.

Discover more about the song, and check out Ryan Stevenson Heeds the Wise Words of His Mother on New Song "When We Fall Apart".

7. Riley Clemmons "Keep On Hoping"

@Riley Clemmons delivers a song about perseverance in the face of adversity and quieting all the voices we hear with “Keep On Hoping.”

Discover more about the song, and check out Riley Clemmons Delivers a Song of Endurance With "Keep On Hoping".

8. Dante Bowe "Joyful"

@Dante Bowe is lighting up the radio waves with his new single, “Joyful.” The upbeat track elevates the joy that can only be found in a relationship with Christ.

Discover more about the song, and check out Dante Bowe Debuts "Joyful" New Single.

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