Billboard Chart Toppers: Christian Songs

Posted on Monday, May 31, 2021 by K-LOVE Staff

Top 20 Christian Songs

Topping the Billboard Christian music charts in 2020, these 20 popularly played songs will make you cry, dance, and deliver hope to all walks of life. Featuring new music from some of K-LOVE's most loved artists like Kari Jobe, Cory Asbury, Zach Williams, and We The Kingdom, there is surely a song here for each and every one of you!

1. “You Say” by Lauren Daigle

By far the most well known Christian ballad that's come out of the industry in the last 15 years and staying at number 1 on the Billboard's Hot Christian Songs for over two years, Lauren Daigle's "You Say" has not only touched the hearts of thousands but has provided those in need of a powerful message a sense of identity and strength to move forward. 

2. “Holy Water” by We The Kingdom

In this live performance of "Holy Water" by We The Kingdom, the audience powerfully sings along with the rock-filled energy and acoustic simplicity of this powerful gospel song. It is no wonder the song charted out at number 6 on the Billboard Bubbling Under Top 100 and has paved the path to instant stardom for this tight-knit and powerful family-infused band. 

3. “The Blessing” (LIVE) by Kari Jobe, Cody Carnes & Elevation Worship 

It's 12 minutes of pure emotion! The live recording of "The Blessing" begins with a slow intro as Cody Carnes leads the audience in prayer. Keeping the audience engaged, the song steadily climbs both in vocals from Kari Jobe and instrumentals from Elevation Worship bursting into a rich and powerful performance that will certainly have you either in tears or will leave your heart fluttering with a sense of salvation. 

4. “Follow God” by Kanye West

Kanye West is extra in his 9th studio album release of "Follow God." The fast rap begins with prayer, touches on daddy issues, and ends in a fun scream. If you're into Christian rap, this is the song for you!

5. “There Was Jesus” by Zach Williams & Dolly Parton

"Rescue Story" was the album's second single release quickly rising to the top of the charts and certifying the album as Gold with over 500,000 sales. This powerful life-changing song by Zach Williams accompanied by legendary singer/songwriter Dolly Parton won a 2021 GRAMMY for Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song. "When the friends I had were nowhere to be found, I couldn't see it then but I can see it now, There was Jesus" these song lyrics can touch every single being on a personal level at some point in life. If it doesn't resonate with you now, keep this on the back burner in your playlist as you will most certainly need this heart-turning melody in your future.  

6. “The Father's house” by Cory Asbury

Reaching number three on the US Hot Christians Songs chart after its January 24, 2020 release, Cory Asbury's "The Father's House" is the lead single on his third studio album "To Love a Fool." The song was written in Redding, California overlooking the Sacramento River. Asbury, who had a few days off from his current tour feeling a bit "tired and weary," sat down at the piano and just poured himself out to God and the song just came about. 

7. “Together” by for KING & COUNTRY, Kirk Franklin & Tori Kelly

During a time of pandemic despair, and with the help of over 2,000 people lending their voices from around the world, for KING & COUNTRY, Kirk Franklin, and Tori Kelly filmed "Together" in quarantine from inside their individual homes. Nominated for a 2021 Billboard Music Awards for Top Christian Song, their singe performances meshed together to create something much more than just a pandemic song, it's a movement. 

8. “Nobody” by Casting Crowns (feat. Matthew West)

Imagine being in a room full of your favorite people, clapping along to one of your favorite bands and a surprise guest enters to preach with excitement along with the audience. That's what this video shows in Casting Crowns song "Nobody" featuring a surprise appearance by Matthew West. This uplifting melody was nominated for Song of the Year and Pop/Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year at the 2020 Dove awards.

9. “Almost Home” by MercyMe 

MercyMe's "Almost Home" was written to remind us all to keep running the race and continue to move forward. In the video, an astronaut portrays a typical person going through life but isn't doing life all that well. Feeling somewhat incomplete, he falls into several strangers' lives trying to bring some sense of happiness to them, whilst trying to keep his own head high and just make it back home. It is a powerful song and one to definitely add to your favorite playlist...if you haven't already!

10. “See A Victory” by Elevation Worship

Released August 9, 2019, and reaching Gold status with over 500,000 sales and topping out at number 5 on the US Hot Christian Songs chart, the live performance of Elevation Worship's "See a Victory," will encourage you to choose Christ as you worship your way through every struggle and uncertainty. 

11. “Keep Me in the Moment” by Jeremy Camp 

Jeremy Camp controls the most Number 1 solo songs on Billboard’s Christian Airplay Chart. "Keep Me in the Moment" was just another top charting tune to add to his list of achievements. Camp began writing this song when he and his wife realized they were soon to be empty nesters when their daughter left for college in just a few years' time. Camp recalls wanting to "stay in the moment" and hopes to encourage each and every one of us to do the same. Put your phone down, disconnect from our digitally overwhelmed existence, and be there now. A reminder we all need once in a while!

12. “Waymaker” by Michael W. Smith (feat. Vanessa Campagna & Madelyn Berry)

Originally written by Nigerian gospel singer Sinach, Waymaker has become such an inspiration that several of the industry's top artists have chosen to cover the song, including Michael W. Smith. One month after releasing his rendition of Waymaker in February of 2020, Smith's non-holiday-related single landed 4th on the Billboard Top 10 chart for the first time in 16 years. 

13. “Rescue” by Lauren Daigle

Nominated for the 2020 GMA Dove Awards Pop/Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year, the 2020 Billboard Music Awards Top Christian Song, and winning the 2020 GMA Dove Awards Song of the Year, no wonder this certified Gold single achieved Platinum status in less than 6 months. Lauren Daigle's filmed the music video at the Knik Glacier in Alaska over two days. Written for a close personal friend, Daigle reminds us in her song "Rescue" that there are better times ahead.

14. “The God Who Stays” by Matthew West

Peaking at number 2 on the Billboard Christian Airplay chart in February of 2020, the song starts out with Matthew West playing his piano as he converses with God. Late one evening, God spoke to West and, at that moment, he realized that God wasn't done with him, He never abandoned him, He is "The God Who Stays."

15. “Burn The Ships” by for KING & COUNTRY

This phrase “Burn The Ships” derives from the 1519 conquest of Mexico by the Spanish Conquistador Hernando Cortez meaning "if you're not committed, then why should they be." Luke Smallbone of for KING & COUNTRY chose to title their album and this song "Burn the Ships" after resonating with its meaning. Luke's wife Courtney battled addiction during her second pregnancy. The couple overcame her shame, and fear of being consumed by past decisions, they didn't retreat and conquered the addiction by working together and seeing her through to redemption. 

16. “I know” by Big Daddy Weave

"We were in a season of serious hurting," says Brian Heihl of Big Daddy Weave when they released the hit song, "I Know." The band was overwhelmed with grief and sorrow, and instead of giving in to their life struggles, they put it into their music. "Only Jesus can turn sorrow into joy" stated Mike Weaver, and he couldn't be more on point!

17. “Alive & Breathing” by Matt Maher (feat. Elle Limebear)

After reaching a place of reflection, Matt Maher realized the best way to move forward every time, was to praise God. As we all experience different seasons in life, this song depicts the crossing of those seasons while declaring praise as a way through. 

18. “Graves Into Gardens” by Elevation Worship (Feat. Brandon Lake)

A song that declares just how faithful God is to us, Brandon Lake co-wrote the track alongside Elevation Worship’s Chris Brown, Steven Furtick, and Tiffany Hammer, and is a testimony to the power and authority of our God.

19. “Love God Love People” by Danny Gokey

Danny Gokey admits to overcomplicating and overthinking things as much as the next person. In his new song, he reminds us to "Love God, Love People." That’s it!

20. “Rescue Story” by Zach Williams

Unhappy and feeling sick and tired of his life at the time, Zach Williams' vision became clear stating "the only thing left was to just cry out to God." When he finally did, that is when he wrote "Rescue Story" about his journey and reconnecting with his Christian roots. 

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