K-LOVE 40th Anniversary: Celebrate With Your Favorite Artists

Posted on Monday, October 17, 2022 by K-LOVE Staff

K-LOVE Turns 40: Artists Reflect on K-LOVE Anniversary

K-LOVE has been on the airwaves and making an impact for 40 years, and some of your favorite artists are here to celebrate. 

Denise Jones, Mac Powell, Steven Curtis Chapman, Matthew West and CAIN shed some happy tears as they reflect on the first time they heard their songs on the radio. Plus, they share their favorite stories of what K-LOVE has meant to them over the years. Enjoy our "K-LOVE Turns 40" Q&A series, and don't forget to visit the all-new interactive website to watch "The K-LOVE Story" documentary.

K-LOVE Turns 40: Denise Jones Reflects

Denise Jones Reflects on K-LOVE

"I’m so honored to be considered a part of this last 40 years of great music that makes a difference."

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K-LOVE Turns 40: Mac Powell Reflects

Mac Powell Reflects on K-LOVE

"There is nothing in all of Christian music quite like K-LOVE ... To have their support and encouragement is a blessing!"

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K-LOVE Turns 40: Steven Curtis Chapman Reflects

Steven Curtis Chapman Reflects on K-LOVE

"K-LOVE has given Christian music as a whole a much broader, more accessible platform than it could have possibly had otherwise, and I’m very grateful for that."

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K-LOVE Turns 40: Matthew West Reflects

Matthew West Reflects on K-LOVE

"K-LOVE is a huge reason why I have this opportunity to share the message of hope in Jesus to the world through one three-minute song at a time."

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K-LOVE Turns 40: CAIN Reflects

CAIN Reflects on K-LOVE

"We grew up on Christian radio, and K-LOVE is a part of many of our memories as a family."

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