K-LOVE 40th Anniversary: Celebrate With Your Favorite Artists

Posted on Monday, October 17, 2022 by K-LOVE Staff

K-LOVE Turns 40: Artists Reflect on K-LOVE Anniversary

K-LOVE has been on the airwaves and making an impact for 40 years, and some of your favorite artists are here to celebrate. 

Denise Jones, @Mac Powell, @Steven Curtis Chapman, @Matthew West and @CAIN shed some happy tears as they reflect on the first time they heard their songs on the radio. Plus, they share their favorite stories of what K-LOVE has meant to them over the years. Enjoy our "K-LOVE Turns 40" Q&A series, and don't forget to visit the all-new interactive website to watch "The K-LOVE Story" documentary.

K-LOVE Turns 40: Denise Jones Reflects

Denise Jones Reflects on K-LOVE

"I’m so honored to be considered a part of this last 40 years of great music that makes a difference."

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K-LOVE Turns 40: Mac Powell Reflects

Mac Powell Reflects on K-LOVE

"There is nothing in all of Christian music quite like K-LOVE ... To have their support and encouragement is a blessing!"

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K-LOVE Turns 40: Steven Curtis Chapman Reflects

Steven Curtis Chapman Reflects on K-LOVE

"K-LOVE has given Christian music as a whole a much broader, more accessible platform than it could have possibly had otherwise, and I’m very grateful for that."

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K-LOVE Turns 40: Matthew West Reflects

Matthew West Reflects on K-LOVE

"K-LOVE is a huge reason why I have this opportunity to share the message of hope in Jesus to the world through one three-minute song at a time."

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K-LOVE Turns 40: CAIN Reflects

CAIN Reflects on K-LOVE

"We grew up on Christian radio, and K-LOVE is a part of many of our memories as a family."

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